Tesla aims for ‘designed in China' vehicles

The US electric vehicle giant’s first overseas manufacturing plant in Shanghai, China has effectively lowered costs by as much as 65% for making the Model 3, according to local reports.
Written by Cyrus Lee, Contributor

Tesla has started looking for local Chinese talent to join its upcoming design and research and development centre in Shanghai after it successfully shipped Chinese produced Model 3 vehicles earlier this year.

The new centre would help realise the company's ambitions of not only making vehicles in China but also designing them there as well, Tesla said on its official Sina Weibo account on Wednesday.

Local talent would help design original Tesla cars that would eventually be shipped to the global market, according to the hiring post.

On January 7, Tesla shipped the first batch of its Chinese produced Model 3 vehicles to consumers. The retail price of the Chinese electric car have a lower starting price of 290,000 yuan from the previous 353,800 Yuan -- a discount of 18% from the US-made vehicles.

Chinese reports said the Shanghai manufacturing plant, which was completed in only 10 months, has effectively helped Tesla cut as much as 65% in costs when making the Model 3 cars. 

During the launch ceremony of the Chinese produced Model 3 cars earlier this month, Musk said Tesla would not be what it is today without the support of the Chinese government and consumers, according to Chinese media reports.

Tesla's success in China, both in manufacturing and sales, has opened up growth potential for local Chinese companies like battery and components makers. Some industry insiders believe Tesla could bring about its own supply-chain success just like Apple did in China.

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