The $25 accessory every MacBook (or USB-C laptop, tablet, or smartphone) owner needs

This cheap accessory could save you hundreds, maybe even thousands, of dollars in repairs if you happen to have a clumsy moment.
Written by Adrian Kingsley-Hughes, Senior Contributing Editor
20-pin USB-C magnetic breakaway connector

Got your eye on the new 16-inch MacBook Pro? Or maybe you already have a MacBook or MacBook Pro that's serving you well. Or maybe you aren't a macOS user and instead have a Windows 10 or even Linux laptop. Or perhaps you have replaced your laptop with an iPad Pro with its USB-C connector.

No matter what platform your run, if you own a USB-C- equipped device, you need to buy this cheap $25 accessory. 


Because it could save your device from a nasty accident.

So, what is this accessory? It's a 20-pin USB-C magnetic breakaway connector that acts like the old MagSafe connector.

The connector is a standard USB-C type connector that is attached to a dongle using a magnet. The magnet is strong enough to keep the connector together but will allow the connector to separate if the cable is given a tug that is strong enough to take the laptop on a journey groundwards.

I've tested it several times - a couple of times by accident - and found it to be effective.  

It just works.

The connector is rated for 100W (20V/5A) power transfer, which is what I use if for, but it is also good for data and can support a throughput of 10Gbps, and can support 4K@30Hz video output.

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Usage is simple -- plug the USB-C connector into the laptop, and connect your USB-C charge cable to the breakaway part of the assembly, and you are ready to go.

Given the price of high-end USB-C devices, $25 is a small price to pay for a little insurance against dragging it to the floor via the cable during a clumsy move. 

20-pin USB-C magnetic breakaway connector

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