Volta XL: A cable that can stop you destroying your precious MacBook

Do you worry that one day you'll pull on your charging cable and drag your expensive laptop to the floor, causing hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars worth of damage? The Volta XL USB-C cable could be the cheap insurance you are looking for.
Written by Adrian Kingsley-Hughes, Senior Contributing Editor

While I love the convivence -- not to mention the power -- that USB-C ports offer, I do miss the old MagSafe connector. That magnetic breakaway connector has saved many a MacBook I've owned from a one-way trip to the floor courtesy of Sir Isaac Newton. But all good things must come to an end, and Apple abandoned the MagSafe in favor of the ubiquitous USB-C.

But it's possible to bring MagSafe-like safety and security to the USB-C MacBook -- of for that matter, any USB-C laptop or device -- for $18.

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Enter the Volta XL fast-charging USB-C cable. What's so special about this cable? Simple. It features a built-in magnetic connector similar to that of Apple's now defunct MagSafe connector. The N52-grade Neodymium reversible magnets is strong enough to keep the tip connected during normal use but allows it to break away from the cable if the cable is pulled, saving your laptop from a potentially expensive fall.

Volta XL magnetic USB-C breakaway cable

The magnetic tip also makes attaching the power cable a snap.

The end of the cable is made of anti-scratch aluminium, and features an LED that glows when charging. The cable is wrapped in a nylon braid to protect from abrasion, and the ends are reinforced to help with longevity.

And it's not just MacBooks that can benefit from a breakaway cable. You can use this on virtually any device with a USB-C port -- from Samsung and Huawei smartphones to Microsoft Surface tablets -- offering great peace of mind at an affordable cost.

The Volta XL comes in three lengths -- 0.5m, 1.0m, and 1.8m -- and in a choice of red and black, with prices starting at $18. Additional USB-C tips can be purchased for an additional $7.

I cannot recommend this cable highly enough.

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