The OnePlus Nord will make its official debut on July 21

OnePlus will announce its next, more affordable, smartphone later this month through an augmented reality experience.
Written by Jason Cipriani, Contributing Writer

In late June, OnePlus revealed its plans to release a "more affordable" smartphone. Details, at the time, were vague, other than the fact that OnePlus plans to limit its availability to Europe and India.

We've seen more information released, slowly, about the new phone, called OnePlus Nord, on the official OnePlus Nord Instagram account. There are now two parts of a documentary posted to the account, detailing the company's approach and thinking behind the Nord. Each episode is about 10 minutes long. 

On Tuesday OnePlus posted an invite for the Nord launch event on July 21. More specifically, the event is an augmented reality event, requiring only the OnePlus Nord AR app to attend. There's also a chance to get a physical invite to the event, which will have a QR code recipients scan. 


OnePlus released an Android and iPhone version of the Nord Launch app. The iPhone app isn't live yet but should be soon. You can install and setup up the app now, including your own avatar. 

The launch announcement starts at 10 am ET on July 21. And OnePlus recommends ensuring your phone is fully charged, and to wear a pair of headphones. 

Follow the OnePlus Nord Instagram for more hints and clues about the upcoming phone leading up to the launch event.

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