The top technology trends for the next three years

Forrester publishes its annual research on top technology trends. Brian Hopkins provides more color on the trends.
Written by Brian Hopkins, Contributor

We just released our 2011 update to last year’s EA top trends report, The Top 15 Technology Trends EA Should Watch: 2011 To 2013. In 2011, we have expanded our coverage by releasing two documents of 10 trends each:

In addition to adding more trends, we made some other improvements as well, including: 1) updating the quadrants of the watchlist and providing a description of each; 2) providing details on how we scored the technologies in our watchlist; and 3) identifying four overarching themes that are influencing all the trends: empowerment, the app Internet, everything-as-a-service, and big data. More on these later!

For this first blog post on trends, I’m going to post the business technology trends and watchlist.

The Trends:

The watchlist (sample technologies only, we recommend you create your own):

Next week I’ll post on the second report and provide the technology trends and watchlist, so stay tuned.

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