This app has made me fall in love with Android

Android automation made simple.
Written by Adrian Kingsley-Hughes, Senior Contributing Editor

Smartphones are powerful tools, but I feel that the operating systems and apps barely scratch the surface of that they are capable of doing. Then I came across MacroDroid, and this app let me unleash that power in creative, powerful, and sometimes weird, ways.

MacroDroid is an automation app, but before you yawn and think that's boring, hear me out. This is a super useful app.

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MacroDroid for Android

So, what can MacroDroid do?

It's an automation app that allows you to define a trigger to set an action that's carried out as a result of that trigger. You can also narrow down the scope of the triggers using constraints.

For example, I can use the trigger of the password being entered incorrectly and use that to trigger a selfie shot. I can add constraints so that the action wasn't run if certain conditions were met.

The great thing about MacroDroid is that there are lots of triggers and actions to choose, and you can get very creative with specific apps.



I love it that I can easily work with and test the macros I've created, which is a great way to diagnose any issues.

Here are some suggestions for macros:

  • Optimize your daily workflow on your phone (for example, switch on Bluetooth and start playing music when you enter your car. Or switch on Wi-Fi when you are near your home)
  • Reduce battery drain (like dimming your screen and switching Wi-Fi off)
  • Saving on roaming costs (automatically switch off data)
  • Increasing safety during commuting by reading your incoming notifications (via Text to Speech) and sending automated responses via email or SMS
  • Make custom sound and notification profiles
  • Remind you to do certain tasks using timers and stopwatches

With MacroDroid you get five macros for free, but beyond that you need to upgrade to the Pro version which costs $4.99. This also removes ads, and is a great way to support the developers of a great app.

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