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This portable dual monitor is the most affordable way to add a second screen to your laptop

Working from home is becoming the new normal. Investing in a portable monitor from Mobile Pixels is a strong move for your career: now and in the future.

Teleworking is transforming from a niche to a large chunk of the modern workforce. Instead of missing your office space and computer setup, you should try to enhance your home office. A second screen is a strong and sensible choice for most career fields, from budget analysts breaking down spreadsheets to a teacher constructing lesson plans and presentations. 

Mobile Pixels DUEX Pro Portable Dual Monitor

Deal price: $179 | Original price: $249


The Mobile Pixels DUEX Pro Portable Dual Monitor is currently on sale for $179.35 (marked down from $249) when you use code SAVEDUEXPRO at checkout at ZDNet Academy.

The DUEX Pro allows you the space to work on multiple projects but without a cumbersome, traditional second monitor. Instead, this one is lightweight and portable and features flexible, 270-degree rotation and dual-side sliding so you can put a personal touch on your setup.

DUEX Pro is also energy efficient and, don't be fooled by its size and look, it's exceptionally durable. The 12.5-inch monitor, with a high-quality 1080p screen, can help keep your career on an upward trajectory at home, in a coffee shop, or wherever you'd like. 

DUEX Pro is compatible with Macintosh and Windows, and comes with the monitor, two USB cables and 12 metal adhesive plates for three laptops. 

$179 at ZDNet Academy

"This is so handy," one DUEX Pro user Kent O. said, in a five-star online review. "Easy to slide on and off. Good spectrum of view. But more (than) anything I cannot get over how crisp and clear the image is. It is better than my laptop monitor."

Spending about $180 now -- don't forget to use "SAVEDUEXPRO" at checkout -- could save you hundreds of dollars overall and is a lot easier than hauling home your work monitor. 

Make sure you're prepared to thrive in the new remote work reality rather than scrape by with one overcrowded screen. DUEX Pro is a wise choice.