ThreeAndMore's platform launches for community and club management

ThreeAndMore wants to tempt you away from Facebook, WhatsApp, Doodle, Email and Excel and manage your communities, on its platform and app. I am not convinced it can - yet.
Written by Eileen Brown, Contributor

A year after the development of its prototype, Antwerp, Belgium based social community platform ThreeAndMore has launched its web-and Android app.

ThreeAndMore's platform and app launches for community and club management ZDNet

The app is intended to simplify the management of communities, associations and clubs, and improve the communication with, and between members.

According to the founders, ThreeAndMore has been subscribed to by "over 500,000 users from the United States and Belgium" and is focused on "further growing its international user base" and developing the platform.

The free platform "combines all the tools you need to build a community, to manage it and to participate" in it.

Communities, associations or clubs, as well as their members, can "benefit from modules" such as member management, social messaging, organizing and managing activities, exchanging documents, etc.

The founders say that the application is not only "useful for formal communities, but equally for informal groups of friends or amateur clubs".

The platform aims to offer a solution to the community management challenge, and also keep the "key to personal data where it belongs: with the member."

To support these growth plans, the founders have invested 1 million euro together with serial entrepreneur, and private investor Michel Akkermans, who joins the Board of Directors at the company.

Founder Guy Van Looveren said: "Associations and communities are the social cohesion of every society.

But for them to successfully build their community, they are typically confronted with time-consuming administrative tasks, usually supported by spreadsheets, and the necessity to combine multiple communication tools such as Facebook, WhatsApp and email, to reach their members.

The ThreeAndMore platform was specifically designed to simplify this entire process within one platform."

I created an account on the platform and I tried to find a community in the UK but could not find any.

I also could not find any public communities in the US.

With 500,000 subscribers I had hoped to be able to find at least one public community I could join.

I did manage to to find several public communities in Belgium, but non with anywhere near the amount of users I expected.

Perhaps hundreds of thousands of users are in private communities on the platform.

The UI meant it was impossible to see if there were any private communities.

I found the web platform extremely counter-intuitive (and I check out a lot of new social platforms).

Search was inflexible with country preferences not saved on the search screen .

There is an app for Android but this is not referred to on the website.

The Android app has most of the dialog boxes in Dutch, and does not have any extra features compared to the web UI.

Co-founder Kimball Felix said that the platform is "also fully compliant with stricter European regulation around privacy and the treatment of digital data".

Until I can actually see the reasons why a community such as the tech community should move from Tsu to ThreeAndMore, I think I will stay where I am for now.

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