New network Perspectivo lets everyone achieve their goals

Perspectivo is a new goal-oriented social network, that brings you different perspectives of those who have been there, so you can do it yourself
Written by Eileen Brown, Contributor

To reach our goals in life and realize our dreams, we need to have the right people and the right means with us. Springfield, MO start-up has created its Perspectivo social network to help us with this.

Eileen Brown

The network connects users to new people with different perspectives, while highlighting the key issues that need to be addressed in order to achieve goals successfully.

For the past few months Perspectivo has operated in private beta, testing product features with thousands of users and seeding its initial community.

Now anyone can sign up to the network, as Perspectivo gradually adds product features that enhance the service.

The network is is based on the experience of users who have already achieved these goals, so that we can take a confident step forward in reaching ours.

Users follow online the same path that they follow in real life for reaching goals: observing others, learning from their experience, consulting and collaborating.

Users pose a set of questions. You can sign up to follow goals, saying whether you would like to do the same goal, are doing it, or have done it already.

Drilling down on a goal enables you to add your own perspective. You can pose questions to stimulate motivation. You do not need to have the answer, but the intention is to be encouraging.

The company says that this is how we become motivated, develop ideas, learn to ask the right questions, and discover opportunities we didn't even know existed.

Perspectivo was created by a team of entrepreneurs who felt that existing social networks and online services did not reach new rings of experienced people who could be relevant to their new challenges in life.

They created a 'practical network' to connect them with people who have similar aspiration or relevant experience, and who would be happy to collaborate and share their valuable experience.

The "secret sauce" of Perspectivo is based around the past experience that each person "brings to the table".

When people that have "done it", and connect with people that wish to do it - "magic happens" according to the company.

As more people contribute their experience, whether they were successful or not in their goals, other people will be able to overlay their experiences on top.

The company hopes that Perspectivo will bring "new dimensions and fresh perspectives, evolving the practical know-how of everyone, and enabling us to accomplish more, together".

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