Top Android news of the week: Android N and Android Wear 2.0

This week in Android was all about the Google I/O conference with new versions of Android N and Android Wear, along with how to get the new Android.
Written by James Kendrick, Contributor

Google I/O by the numbers

Google held its annual developers conference this week and the company's plans were laid out. ZDNet has the announcements from the keynote by the numbers to show you what the company plans.

Source: ZDNet


New version of Android N released with new features

Google released a new preview version of Android N with new features that gives a glimpse of how the next version of Android will work. Here's a feature list of the next major version of Android.

Source: ZDNet

Android Wear 2.0 unveiled by Google


Android wasn't the only focus at Google I/O as Android Wear got some attention. Android Wear 2.0 was detailed and it's a major update to the version of Android for wearables. Here's details of the next version of Android Wear.

Source: ZDNet

Get Android N now if you dare

Feeling adventurous and can't wait for Android N? We've got you covered with instructions for downloading and installing Android N to your device.

Source: ZDNet

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