Track the final space shuttle with this app

When the final space shuttle launches this Friday, you can use a new iPhone and iPad app to track its location in real time and spot it in the night sky.
Written by Laura Shin, Contributor

When space shuttle Atlantis launches this Friday, it will be the last of NASA's 30-year space program. You'll definitely want to remember this momentous occasion and make sure to spot this final shuttle in the night sky.

A new iPhone and iPad app, GoAtlantis, will allow you to do just that. It will track the space shuttle in real time and, using your phone's locating function, will tell you when the shuttle will be in your area and where exactly you can catch a glimpse of it.

Until the shuttle launches, you can practice looking for the space station in the night sky.

Developed by GoSoftWorks, the app is offered for free to commemorate 30 years of NASA's space shuttle program.

Here is a screenshot of the app showing the location of the space station:

And this screenshot illustrates how the app displays the shuttle's location in the night sky (although in this example, it's the space station, and it's below the horizon):

GoSoftWorks also makes the GoSatWatch satellite tracking app ($9.99) and GoSkyWatch Planetarium star identification app ($3.99).

Photo: The space shuttle Atlantis just before dawn at NASA Kennedy Space Center on June 1st. (NASA/Terry Zaperach)

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