Trello adds 13 enterprise features to improve team security and productivity

The biggest Trello Enterprise update since 2015 gives organizations more security controls and management functionality. (TechRepublic)
Written by Alison DeNisco Rayome, Managing Editor

Collaboration and project management tool Trello is rolling out 13 new features for its enterprise offering to give large organizations improved control, security, and management functionality, the company announced Tuesday.

Trello is positioning its Enterprise tool as the backbone to an organization's productivity, as a project management tool, task tracker, knowledge base management system, meeting agenda, and goal planner, according to a Tuesday blog post. It also offers more than 100 integrations to other work tools.

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The new features, which have been rolling out over the past six months, mark the platform's biggest update since the enterprise tier launched in 2015, the post noted. They include the following:

Visibility and control

  • Visibility settings: A new "Organization" privacy setting sits between "Team" and "Public," making it easier for teams to securely share information between teams. For example, a company can create an "Organization" board that includes templates like employee onboarding or a company overview that would be relevant to different teams within the same organization.
  • Team visibility controls: Admins can use these controls to choose to make all Enterprise teams private, or let team admins decide on their visibility within the company.
  • Team membership restrictions: Admins can determine if team admins are the people who manage who can join their teams.
  • Board creation and deletion restrictions: Team admins can control whether team members can create public, team visible, and/or private boards within a team.
  • Team board invite restrictions: Team admins can control whether team members can delete public, team visibile, and/or private boards within a team.
  • Attachment restrictions: Streamline which attachments can be used on Trello to avoid file sharing chaos.


  • Automatic SSO enforcement: Claimed domain accounts can now be transferred over automatically, with email reminders.
  • Public board management: Admins can see all public boards connected to the enterprise to more easily track what's accessible to those outside the organization.
  • Self-serve manage enterprise admins: Enterprise admins can upgrade who on their team can also be an enterprise admin.
  • Deactivate/reactivate users: Enterprise admins can do this directly from the dashboard.
  • Bulk deactivate: Admins can deactivate lapsed users in bulk from the dashboard.
  • Filter by last activity: Admins can filter members by last active in 30/60/90 day increments.
  • Power-Up Administration: Enterprise admins can use this feature to control which third-party apps can be integrated with Trello, and see what Power-Ups are currently in use, as well as set permissions for all teams.

Butler for Trello, one of the platform's most popular automation integrations acquired by Atlassian in 2018, will be included in all Business Class and Enterprise subscriptions, instead of as a third-party paid add-on.

Atlassian acquired Trello in 2017, and has since added a number of features that make the platform complement the company's other tools like JIRA, Confluence, and HipChat--helping it compete in a crowded market that includes giants like Google, Microsoft, and Slack. As of April 2018, Trello users had created more than 2 billion cards to manage projects, according to Atlassian.

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