Unexpected bill? This AI bot can 'Haggle It' for you

Don't let anxiety over a large bill keep you up at night. Instead, let generative AI take the strain.
Written by Maria Diaz, Staff Writer
Haggle it
Cleo | Maria Diaz/ZDNET

These days, it seems that generative AI can do it all; from creating apps and writing code, to helping workers and parents be more productive. Now, a new artificial intelligence (AI) tool is promising to go even further by negotiating your bills for you.

Haggle It, as it is aptly named, is a new, completely free generative AI tool by Cleo, an AI assistant that  helps people manage their money. 

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Powered by ChatGPT, Haggle It can help customers draft letters to help negotiate rent, credit card fees or interest rates, or car insurance rates, all by just answering a few questions. 

With 58% of Americans now living paycheck to paycheck, even those earning over $100,000, and with higher costs adding pressure to the economy, it's safe to say some extra savings would be a welcome sight for most of us. 

Cleo conducted its own survey among 1,000 Millennials and Gen Z Americans and found that a third were successful in lowering their rent or car insurance through negotiation. Prior to Haggle It, however, 55% of respondents said they'd never negotiated their credit card interest or fees.

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"With Cleo's Haggle It, we are on a mission to make sure Gen Z doesn't fall into the paycheck-to-paycheck cycle and actually builds a life beyond a paycheck by negotiating like never before," said Kimberly Dillon, head of brand at Cleo. 

"They tend to prefer convenience and avoid unnecessary stress, with many opting to pay more rather than deal with conflict. Negotiating doesn't need to be scary, especially when we have tools that have scoured the web and learned the best ways to communicate."

For those who did negotiate their credit card fees and interest, Cleo's survey found that about 20% received reduced rates and fees. 

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When using Haggle It, users have to choose the type of debt they want to negotiate and answer a question or two about it. Then, they can choose the tone that the letter will be written in to sound as formal or informal as they'd like. 

"We even made it fun and have various tones of voices to choose from, so if you want to sound like a chilled out surfer bro because you think that's what your landlord would vibe with, have at it!" said Dillon.

Cleo has pledged that the company will donate $1 to Operation HOPE for every person that uses Haggle It. Operation HOPE is a non-profit organization committed to financial literacy and economy empowerment for underprivileged youths and adults in the U.S.

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