​Upbit to hold developers conference next month to promote blockchain tech

South Korea's largest cryptocurrency exchange will host a developers conference in September with global heavyweights to talk about the latest blockchain tech.
Written by Cho Mu-Hyun, Contributing Writer

South Korea's largest cryptocurrency exchange Upbit will host a developer conference in September in Jeju Island, the company announced.

Upbit Developer Conference 2018 will last from September 13 to 14 with the slogan "Proof of Developer," said Dunamu, the company that runs Ubpit, and will be focused on promoting the latest blockchain technology.

More and more real services that use blockchain are being introduced, the company said, with interest rising in developers who are the centre of those technologies.

Speakers include Steemit founder and CEO Ned Scott, Ontology founder Li Jun, OST CEO Jason Goldberg, and Bittrex co-founder and CEO Bill Shihara. Upbit founder Song Chi-Hyung will also attend.

Programs will cover topics such as blockchain-based content platforms, scalability, stable coin, security and smart contracts, cloud computing, and peer-to-peer based blockchain services, decentralized apps, and token technology.

"UDC 2018 aims to become a developers-focused community platform where guests can meet practical knowledge and the latest trend in blockchain," said Dunamu CEO Sirgoo Lee.

Dunamu is the social trading affiliate of South Korean chat giant Kakao, which owns around a 10 percent stake in the company. Dunamu runs Upbit as well as Kakao Stock, a mobile securities trading service.

Kakao also runs Ground X, its blockchain subsidiary, which is cooperating with the Seoul municipal government for social impact projects.

South Korea is the third-largest cryptocurrency exchange hub in the world behind the US and Japan. The government is formulating a regulatory framework for blockchain that will be announced at the end of the year at the earliest.


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