Verizon, Amazon, Apple hand out tech freebies ahead of Black Friday

If you're a wireless customer -- Verizon or not -- you're entitled to technology freebies as part of 'Connection Day.'

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Verizon is planning to hand out a plethora of gifts to wireless customers ahead of the Black Friday shopping rush.

The US carrier has partnered with a number of technology firms to hand out the freebies on the day before Thanksgiving, known as one of the worst days to travel in the year as US citizens rush to join families and friends. 

The gifts, which will be handed out on November 26, are part of what Verizon has dubbed "Connection Day." The carrier has teamed up with Apple, Amazon, Boingo, JetBlue, Pandora and others to offer the gifts, which range from free applications to free songs, audiobooks and airport Wi-Fi.

Verizon Wireless "More Everything" customers are also eligible for a one-time gift of 1GB in data, and they will also receive another 1GB on their next billing cycle.

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While largely self-promotional, the partnerships and date of the free gifts just ahead of the shopping season -- and two days before Black Friday -- do represent a way to get ahead of the competition and hopefully ensure that brand names are fresh on the minds of keen Black Friday bargain hunters.

Speaking to Mashable, Jay Jaffin, Verizon Wireless' vice president marketing communications said the day "is the day that America goes mobile," and so mobility-related offerings "felt like a great fit."

The gifts, which are all mobile-related, include:

  • 10 free songs and apps from Amazon
  • Two free audio books from Audible, or $10 credit
  • Free airport Wi-Fi from Boingo, in-flight Wi-Fi from Gogo Technologies and JetBlue
  • Access to television shows and movies through Verizon's FiOS app
  • Digital downloads of 17 Conde Nast publications, including Vanity Fair, Vogue and Wired
  • Free trial of premium music subscription service Pandora One
  • Special offers on iTunes

To take advantage of Verizon's offerings, you need to sign up on the Connection Day page.

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