VMware, SAP join forces on enterprise IoT

The companies are working together to boost Internet of Things (IoT) project deployment and scalability.
Written by Charlie Osborne, Contributing Writer
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VMware and SAP have announced a new partnership to further Internet of Things (IoT) projects across devices, infrastructure, the cloud, and other applications.

On Monday, the companies said the agreement will "accelerate and streamline enterprise IoT initiatives," and the overall goal is to enable the "fast deployment, scalability and on-schedule execution of IoT projects."

VMware and SAP plan to offer their clients solutions which offer real-time visibility into IoT device and network management by combining SAP's analytics into business transactions and device data with VMware's operational systems, as well as holistic analytics.

The companies say they are currently working together to create a solution which enables the quick deployment of systems while maintaining good levels of security and management for IoT architecture across gateways, micro data centers and the cloud which will "drastically help speed up time to value."

Both companies have their finger in many IoT projects. SAP's cloud platform is used in many applications for smart cities; for example, by analyzing parking sensor data recorded from Parkinformationssysteme GmbH in Vienna and managing a smartPORT logistics platform for shipping in Hamburg.

VMware is also involved in IoT and Big Data projects, such as reshaping diagnostic medical equipment management, developing platforms for virtual desktops at US universities, as well as working with Dell to provide IoT monitoring services for the Dell Edge Gateway.

In March this year, VMware unveiled the Pulse IoT Center, an enterprise-grade Internet of Things (IoT) infrastructure management solution designed to give enterprise players control over their IoT devices and networks.

"Companies win when they can make intelligent real-time decisions at the edge; SAP Leonardo supports that bold innovation," said Nils Herzberg, senior vice president and global head of IoT Go-to-Market & Strategic Partnerships at SAP. "As customers start to implement, one obstacle to realizing that vision is tackling infrastructure lifecycle and management outside of the traditional data center."

"By working with VMware, we are helping mutual customers to create innovative gains while supporting a reliable, maintainable and secure IT platform," the executive added.

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Last month, SAP revealed its plans to tap into blockchain technology and make its Blockchain-as-a-Service (BaaS) platform suitable for IoT, manufacturing and the digital supply chain.

By partnering with companies including NetApp, Capgemini, and Deloitte, the cloud solutions provider hopes the blockchain will be useful in combining the different protocols, systems, and requirements of IoT solutions, Big Data, and analytics.

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