Want to learn more about prompt engineering? This free course can help

OpenAI and DeepLearning.AI are pairing up to offer training in prompt engineering, but it's only free for a limited time.
Written by Sabrina Ortiz, Editor
OpenAI and Deeplearning.AI course
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ChatGPT's launch sparked a generative AI craze that is quickly changing the AI sector and job market. Workers who can advance developments of future models and improve the ones that exist now are in demand -- including prompt engineers. 

DeepLearning.AI, a platform dedicated to teaching AI, is partnering with OpenAI to offer a free course in prompt engineering for developers. 

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The one hour long course is free and will teach users how to use a large language model (LLM) to build new and powerful applications, according to the site. 

The course is taught by Isa Fulford, a member of technical staff at OpenAI, and Andrew Ng, founder of DeepLearning.AI.

"Generative AI offers many opportunities for AI engineers to build, in minutes or hours, powerful applications that previously would have taken days or weeks," said Ng. "I'm excited about sharing these best practices to enable many more people to take advantage of these revolutionary new capabilities."

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Although the course title makes it seem like it is only geared towards developers, the course is deemed beginner friendly. The only user requirement is a basic understanding of Python. 

The short course includes lessons on how LLMs work, what the best practices for prompt engineering are, how to use LLM APIs for different tasks, how to write effective prompts and even how to build a custom chatbot. 

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If you are interested, you should consider enrolling soon, because the site says it is free for a limited time until DeepLearning.AI leaves its beta stage. 

To access the course all you have to do is visit DeepLearning.AI and click the "learn for free" button. 

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