Webroot snaps up machine learning analytics firm CyberFlow

CyberFlow Analytics' FlowScape technology is one the main prizes secured through the buyout.
Written by Charlie Osborne, Contributing Writer

Webroot has announced the acquisition of CyberFlow Analytics, a firm which specializes in harnessing machine learning technology to automatically detect cybersecurity threats.

On Monday, the Broomfield, CO-based company said the move enhances Webroot's "ability to address the explosion of internet-connected devices and an increasingly complex threat landscape."

Financial details of the acquisition were not disclosed.

CyberFlow Analytics' FlowScape technology is a highlight of the acquisition. The SaaS-based cybersecurity solution, available in versions suitable for the enterprise and SMBs, implements machine learning to sift through network noise to detect patterns and network anomalies associated with potential threats.

CyberFlow Analytics

This, in turn, cuts down the time analysts must spend monitoring networks and may increase efficiency in discovering active attacks -- and thereby, reduce the damage caused by threat actors.

FlowScape can identify problems in both IPv4 and IPv6 traffic and analysts can view alerts via a security information and event management (SIEM) system or a standalone FlowScape console which offers visual aids including behavioral clusters in order to warn IT professionals of emerging threats and high-risk activities detected over time.

"This solution can identify and alert on potentially malicious activity that deviates from normal traffic in milliseconds," Dick Williams, Webroot CEO commented.

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FlowScape is currently available as part of a pilot program, with full availability and integration into an extended product range anticipated in 2017.

Tom Caldwell, co-founder of CyberFlow Analytics commented:

"By using unsupervised machine learning for real-time detection of anomalous high risk activity, CyberFlow Analytics has solved a problem that previously required significant manpower and resources.
We are very excited to join Webroot and enhance both FlowScape and Webroot next-generation security solutions."

Last week, Volkswagen announced the creation of cybersecurity firm Cymotive which will specialize in digital threats to vehicles, a new and worrying trend in the threat landscape.

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