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Weird gifts for people who are hard to buy gifts for

You know who you -- I mean 'they' -- are.

It can be tough finding gifts for some people (of gifts for yourself … it's OK, I won't tell).

Here I've put together a few things that I've had a lot of pleasure from over the past few months, and if they appeal to me then there's a good chance that one might appeal to you.

If there's something I've out that you think should be on this list, let me know in the comments down below!

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Multipick Training Lock

Multipick Training Lock

I've come across so many tech people who are so good at picking locks that they could become locksmiths. I'm not sure what it is, but there's a strong correlation between tech and lockpicking. I myself have been picking locks -- recreationally, I should add -- for years, and I find it one of those relaxing things.

Some people do crosswords or sudoku, I pick locks.

Now, you don't want to be picking the locks on your doors, so I recommend getting a training lock, and one of the best I've come across is the Multipick Training Cylinder.

I love it because it has cutaways so you can see how a lock works, you can customize it to make it easier to harder, and it offers even the experienced lockpicker a degree of challenge.

I've got one on my desk, and it's offered hours of fun. It's the perfect desk toy!

Note: This kit does not come with lockpicks.

$69 at Multipick

Slice Auto-Retract Box Cutter

Slice Auto-Retract Box Cutter

2020 has been the year of home deliveries. But more home deliveries means having to tackle more carboard boxes, adhesive tape, and plastic packaging. While pocket knives and box cutters make short work of packaging, they can also make short work of your fingers.

The Slice box cutter is ergonomic, safe, and the ceramic blade lasts about ten times longer than metal blades.

$18 at Amazon

Shark IQ Self-Cleaning, Self-Emptying Robot Vacuum RV1001AE

Shark IQ Self-Cleaning, Self-Emptying Robot Vacuum RV1001AE

Clean floors without having to clean them!

One of the downsides I've felt of robot vacuum cleaners is, well, having to spend the time you save on vacuuming cleaning the vacuum cleaner.

Not anymore.

The Shark IQ can hold up to 30 days of dirt and debris, has powerful suction, and you can hove connect it up to Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant.

Currently on sale in Amazon. Usual price $549.99.

$439 at Amazon

Mcwdoit 3000 mW Engraving Machine

Mcwdoit 3000 mW Engraving Machine

See your designs burnt into wood, leather, plastic, or rubber by a laser. Very simple to use, and the results are awesome.

Great for creative types. The sky's the limit. 

$156 at Amazon

RAM Mount X-Grip for smartphone

RAM Mount X-Grip for smartphone

Best car mount for smartphones by far. I've had these for years and they hold no matter what -- even when going off road.

And they're not just great for cars -- there clamps and suction cups and adhesive mounts (sold separately) -- but will also hold your phone safe on a bike, boat, plane, or whatever vehicle you find yourself in.

Highly recommended!

$40 at Amazon

DJI Mini 2

DJI Mini 2

OK, it's a deep pocket gift, but it's one of those gifts that just keeps giving. I have the Mavic Air 2 and it's not just changed how I take photos and video, but it's also given me a whole new perspective on where I live and the places I visit, allowing me to see things that would otherwise not be accessible to me.

This is the super-small, super-lightweight DJI drone, so there's no excuse to not take it out and about.

$449 at Amazon