What compelling story will Apple tell about the need for an iPad mini?

I just pre-ordered a Microsoft Surface and am perfectly happy with my full size iPad. The iPad mini will likely appeal to those without an iPad due to the low price, but what story can Apple tell to get current iPad owners to go with the smaller device?
Written by Matthew Miller, Contributing Writer

It is now confirmed that Apple is holding a 23 October event since invites went out to the press. It's nearly a certainty that the iPad mini is going to be announced, likely along with some other things, and I was considering picking one up. However, after placing a Microsoft Surface preorder and looking at MY usage of the iPad 3 and Google Nexus 7 my plans to order an iPad mini are on hold unless Apple reveals some extremely compelling reason to get one.

My colleague, James Kendrick, wrote that he is buying an iPad mini as soon as he can, yet he passed up the Microsoft Surface. I went with the Surface in large part due to my enjoyment of the Windows Phone platform and even though I have an iPad and iPhone 5 I don't see the iPad mini fitting in my arsenal right now. I use my iPad all the time for media consumption and for writing with external keyboards, but am much more of a phone guy than a tablet guy. My Nexus 7 sits idle most of the time and I tend to really only use it to test out applications or play with the Jelly Bean OS. I could get rid of it and be perfectly happy just with my larger iPad. I like smaller tablets for going out and about, but honestly, smartphones have pretty much taken over that role for me with high res displays and always on connectivity.

Apple is good at telling stories and offering up convincing reasons to buy their products. I am thinking they will promote the ebook aspect of the iPad mini, but with my fabulous new Kindle Paperwhite that story won't do it for me. I wonder what else Apple can say to convince me that the iPad mini is a better option than my full size iPad. We all have different needs and desires so if Apple can release the iPad mini at $300 or less I think it will sell millions and bring people to the Apple tablet ecosystem that do not yet own the more expensive full size iPad. Do you have any ideas about next week's announcement and what story Apple can tell to convince people to pick up the iPad mini?

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