What do people do after they quit? Google Search reveals career trends

Here's what we learned about people's next steps after the Great Resignation.
Written by Stephanie Condon, Senior Writer

There's no question the Great Resignation permanently shook up the US workforce. New ways of working, such as working from home, are here to stay. Workers have different priorities, and they're using new tools. They're also searching for ways to enter new lines of work. 

Google on Wednesday shared some search results that could shed light on what people hope to accomplish after they've joined the Great Resignation. 

The internet giant looked at the jobs people searched for along with the phrase "how to become." From January 2021 through January 2022, the top job was real estate agent. The most popular jobs tended to be ones that offered a certain level of independence or the opportunity to help others. 

In order of popularity, the top 10 were: real estate agent, flight attendant, notary, therapist, pilot, firefighter, personal trainer, psychiatrist, physical therapist, and electrician. 

The map below shows the top "how to become" job searches by state, revealing some geographical trends:


Google also shared the top trending professional certifications and training programs in the US based on search results from the past year. In order of popularity, the top 10 were: Google data analytics professional certificate, NCMA certification, Child development associate certification, Eyelash technician training program, Electrician training program, Real estate training program, and Barber training program. 

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The search engine also revealed that the Great Resignation of 2021 wasn't just an American phenomenon; the top countries searching for "how to leave your job" were the Philippines, followed by South Africa, the US, Australia, and the UK.    


Google also shared some tips for using Search to assist in job searches. Job searches on the search engine will deliver a dedicated section for job listings directly from employers and from job boards. Additionally, there's a "Growing job field" icon that highlights jobs on a positive growth trajectory.

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