Will Windows 10 users flock to Chromium Edge for its exclusive 4K Netflix streaming?

Signs are that Microsoft's new Chromium Edge will still be the only browser to offer 4K Netflix streaming.
Written by Liam Tung, Contributing Writer

Microsoft's forthcoming Chromium-based Edge browser looks like it will still be the only browser that Netflix users will be able to use to stream in 4K.

Following the recent leak of a preview version of Chromium-based Edge, users on Reddit have spotted flags in the browser indicating it will support both WideVine and PlayReady DRM, Microsoft's equivalent to Apple's FairPlay DRM.       

As noted by Neowin, Edge on Windows 10 has been the only browser to support 4K Netflix streaming since 2016. 

Chrome, which uses WideVine, enables 720p streaming on Windows, Mac and Linux, while Internet Explorer, Apple Safari, and Chrome on Chrome OS supports 1080p, as detailed in Netflix's support page

Back then Microsoft pitched Edge 4K Netflix streaming as an exclusive Windows 10 feature available to new Windows 10 devices with the then-new 7th generation Core CPUs, which is a minimum requirement for 4K Netflix streaming. Alternatively, devices with or an Nvidia GeForce GPU from the 1000 series or higher can stream in 4K using Edge.

With Microsoft's shift to Chromium, the new Edge will be available to Windows 7 and Windows 8.1, and while the feature likely won't be of use to hardware that shipped with these versions of Windows, some Mac users could benefit from using Microsoft's Chromium Edge. 

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Though obviously most importantly to Microsoft for Edge adoption are the 800 million-plus Windows 10 users out there who today mostly use Google Chrome. 

As one Reddit user put it in response to Chromium-based Edge 4K Netflix streaming: "Good. I hope they improve the f%$! out of this and actually give Google some competition. I'm currently using Firefox and Vivaldi. Looking forward to trying Edge."

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