Windows 11: Microsoft update fixes Kaspersky antivirus app glitch

Microsoft has released a new preview of Windows 11 with a fix for Kaspersky antivirus.
Written by Liam Tung, Contributing Writer

The latest release of Windows 11 is build 22000.348 and it's available to Windows Insiders in the Beta and Release Preview Channels. 

It brings one notable update: "We fixed a known issue that might prevent apps, such as Kaspersky apps, from opening after you attempt to repair or update the apps using the Microsoft Installer (MSI)," Microsoft notes

Kaspersky highlights KB5007215 as the problem update for users running its antivirus on Windows 11 machines. Microsoft released Windows 11 on October 5 and released KB5007215 for Windows 11 on 9 November

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The antivirus company itself advised customers to avoid installing Microsoft's Windows updates and notes there are issues affecting its antivirus after installing updates for Windows 7 through to Windows 11. 

"After the installation of a Windows update Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Windows keeps functioning correctly and the security of the system remains intact. However errors may occur at attempts to upgrade the application, install a private patch or change the scope of the application components," it said. "We recommend to temporarily refrain from installing the Windows updates listed."

Kaspersky's advice leaves Windows customers in an awkward position: install Microsoft's improvements and risk Kaspersky not working or don't install Microsoft's updates but have Kaspersky functioning. Kaspersky's advice against installing Windows updates is broad and includes several security-related enterprise updates.  

Microsoft's own advisory suggests to mitigate this issue "you will need to uninstall the affected app, then install the latest version of the app."

Windows 7KB5007233, KB5007236
Windows 8.1KB5007247, KB5007255
Windows 10KB5007206, KB5007207, KB5007186, KB5007189, KB5007192 
Windows 11KB5007215
Windows Server 2008KB5007246, KB5007263
Windows Server 2008 R2KB5007233, KB5007236
Windows Server 2012KB5007245, KB5007260
Windows Server 2012 R2KB5007247, KB5007255
Windows Server 2016KB5007192
Windows Server 2019KB5007206
Windows Server 2022KB5007205
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