'World's biggest TV' designed by Porsche [video]

The 201-inch HD display is comprised of 725,000 LEDs and can show 4.4 trillion colors. But it won't fit inside your living room.
Written by Tuan Nguyen, Contributor

Ever get the feeling like someone out there is trying to revolutionize how we watch TV? Just over the last few years, the industry's gone from the immense buzz over 3D HDTV to the advent of pixel-rich 4K, Ultra HD OLEDs and Smart TVs. The one constant amidst all this many-splintered experimentation is that TV screens are only going to get bigger and bigger, as evidenced by the showcasing of Samsung's 110-inch Easel TV on display at this year's Consumer Electronics Show.

So don't be too shocked if something as insanely impractical as the C'SEED 201-inch home theater behemoth becomes ubiquitous. The Porsche-designed outdoor TV screen, billed by C'SEED as the world's largest, features a high-resolution display comprised of 725,000 LEDs all working synchronously to project as much as 4.4 trillion colors at 5000 nits of brightness.

Extravagant bells and whistles include streaming content made possible through fiber-optic cables, a built-in Windows 7 server and three 700W subwoofers. As protection for the customer's investment, the TV set also comes with a biometric fingerprint recognition security system to prevent unauthorized use, along with wind sensors, lasers and water-resistant components as a safeguard against hazardous environmental conditions.

The entertainment system's most awe-inspiring feature, though, may be the way it makes an entrance. Custom-built beneath the ground, the collapsed 7-panel array can be summoned via remote control to rise up to a height of up to 15 feet and unfold to form one massive panel. The whole process takes about 25 seconds and the whole system can be rotated 135 degrees to suit whatever angle the audience chooses to watch from.

The C'SEED 201 was recently awarded the Red Dot "Best of the Best 2012" design award and is estimated to run you $687,775 for the privilege of being one of the first on your block to have something truly big to brag about.

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