WWDC '13: MacBook Air promising 'all-day' battery life with Intel Haswell chips

Well, perhaps nearly the entire business day, to be more precise.
Written by Rachel King, Contributor
Credit: James Martin, CNET

Apple is going after the road warriors with its latest updates for the MacBook Air upgrades.

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Announced at the opening keynote of WWDC 2013 on Monday, Apple's Phil Schiller boasted "all-day" battery life is coming to the laptop brand.

Well, perhaps nearly the entire business day, to be more precise.

Apple is aiming to get the job done with the integration of Intel's new Haswell chips.

From an end user perspective, the 11-inch is jumping from an average of five hours to nine hours of juice, while the 13-inch is being bumped up from seven hours to 12 hours.

Schiller quipped that users could even watch nearly all of the Lord of the Rings trilogy in one sitting.

The battery really stole most of the spotlight here as the ultra-thin form factor remains unchanged.

The rest of the upgrades coming to the MacBook Air series are all internal, with a particular focus on networking.

Wi-Fi is touted to be up to three times faster with support for 802.11ac. The new MacBook Airs are said to also feature 2x GPU execution units, enabling up to 40 percent faster graphics.

Apple execs also boasted that the revamped MacBook Air can wake up within a second and run on standby for 30 days.

The improved MacBook Air models start shipping immediately. Pricing starts at $999 once again for the 11-inch model, with 128GB of onboard flash storage. The 13-inch continues to start at $1,199 for 256GB of space.

Credit: James Martin, CNET


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