Wyze begins preorders for its $8 smart lightbulb

Wyze Bulb seemingly does it all for next to nothing.
Written by Jason Cipriani, Contributing Writer
Wyze Bulb.jpg

Wyze is now taking preorders for its new, ultra-affordable smart lightbulb. Orders are open through the Wyze app, with deliveries expected in late June. At launch, Wyze Bulb will be sold in packs of four and will cost $30. After launch, Wyze will sell Bulbs individually for $8 each, in addition to the 4-pack.

Each bulb is 800 lumens and integrates with the rest of Wyze's product offerings along with Amazon's Alexa, Google Assistant, and IFTTT. Other Bulb features include a vacation mode that will randomly turn lights on and off, scheduling, brightness and temperature adjustment, and integration with Wyze cameras.

Wyze has made a name for itself by developing and selling home security products for under $30. Wyze cameras have a robust feature set and are constantly updated, while Wyze Sense only recently launched, but has worked without issue in our experience.

The idea of a smart lightbulb priced at $8 feels like it would be a setup for disappointment, and while we'll have to get our hands on one before passing judgement, based on previous experiences with Wyze products, the Bulb should be worth every penny.

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