Xiaomi sold more than 70 million smartphones in 2015, missing 80 million target

Chinese smartphone makers saw huge success in 2015. Huawei beat Xiaomi for worldwide shipments, but it's clear both are doing quite well.
Written by Matthew Miller, Contributing Writer

Last week ZDNet's Corinne Reichert posted the 2015 shipment figures for Huawei. TechCrunch reports that Chinese rival Xiaomi issued a statement with sales figures of more than 70 million in 2015, falling short of its 80 million target.

Huawei became the first Chinese company to ship more than 100 million smartphones, 108 million were reported, in a single year. The number of shipments for Huawei were up 44 percent from the previous year. Securing the Nexus contract with Google and releasing such a high quality phone as the Nexus 6P, see my full review, surely helped contribute to Huawei's success.

Despite the differences in shipment and sales figures between the two rival companies, Xiaomi claims that it is the top smartphone maker in China for sales in 2015. Reported figures are worldwide so Xiaomi's claim of winning in China may be accurate. Huawei also reports on shipments and not sales to end users.

It's safe to say that both of these Chinese smartphone makers had a very successful year and are putting serious pressure on the rest of the market. By comparison, Apple was predicted to ship 226 million iPhones while Microsoft was expected to ship 31.3 million phones in 2015.

It was estimated that 1.16 billion Android devices would be shipped in 2015. That means Huawei shipped nearly 10 percent while Xiaomi was at about 6 percent of all Android smartphones.

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