You may be able to earn money from your most popular Threads posts

A new invite-only bonus program could earn you cash based on the number of Threads posts you create and their engagement.
Written by Lance Whitney, Contributor
Threads may pay you for popular posts
Lance Whitney/ZDNET

You could soon get paid for creating really popular posts on Threads. Meta is rolling out an invite-only bonus program that will reward Threads users based on the performance of their posts and the number of posts they publish.

First confirmed by Meta to Business Insider (subscription required), the bonuses are paid out only to Threads posts with 2,500 or more views. The company didn't reveal where the bonus program is available or how long it might run, but a Threads support page provides several key details and requirements for both your Threads and Instagram accounts.

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Your Threads profile must be public and your Instagram profile must be a professional one (either business or creator). If Meta asks you to join the bonus program, you will receive a pop-up notification and an invitation in the Professional Dashboard in the Instagram app, a feature only available for business and creator profiles.

Next, you need to set up bonuses on Instagram before your eligibility runs out. Tapping the option for Bonuses in the dashboard discloses the terms of the bonus, the status of your earnings, and the expiration date for the program.

During the program's test phase, each qualifying post must receive at least 2,500 views via the Threads iOS or Android app or the Threads website. The bonuses are doled out based on the performance or engagement of your posts as well as the number of posts you create.

Meta said you may also need to earn a certain minimum amount to even receive a payout, but didn't specify the amount. If you fail to reach this unknown amount, you won't get paid, though Meta said it might invite you to join another bonus program down the road. The amount you earn is calculated at the end of the bonus period. You then receive your payout sometime in the following month.

Each of your posts must also meet the following conditions:

  • Your post can't be claimed by another rights holder.
  • Your post can't violate Instagram's Content Monetization Policies.
  • Your post can't be branded content.
  • Your post must be in a language supported by the bonus program.
  • Your post can't include content watermarked with a third-party platform's mark, name, or logo.
  • Your post can't appear to be inauthentic or receive fraudulent views or artificially boosted views.
  • Your post can't have been deleted.
  • Finally, your post must include text.

Launched in July 2023, Threads enjoyed a surge in popularity right out of the gate, adding more than 100 million users in less than a week. In the months that followed, however, the platform saw its user numbers and engagement times dwindle as the initial buzz wore off. As Threads started to add more features, however, the service rebounded and is currently the second-most popular free app in Apple's App Store and among the top 10 in the Google Play Store.

Paying for especially popular Threads posts is Meta's latest trick to lure in more users. X, formerly Twitter, pays users for posts that are highly engaging, though you must first sign up for a Premium subscription for $8 per month or a Premium+ subscription for $16 per month.

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