Zoho One tops 20,000 customer mark, adds workflow management

Zoho One now has 45 apps including Orchestly, a workflow management tool.
Written by Larry Dignan, Contributor

Zoho's all-you-can-eat approach to enterprise software for $30 a month per employee has landed more than 20,000 customers. Zoho One, the company's business operating system, now has 45 apps including Orchestly, a workflow management tool.

The company rolled out its new version of Zoho One, which is a suite of sales and marketing, finance, HR and analytics software, with Orchestly and a way to manage business processes in a simple interface.

Zoho One launched two years ago with the goal of becoming the enterprise resource planning cloud for smaller enterprises. Zoho One is $30 per person if an entire company is deployed. If a company deploys Zoho One in a more limited fashion it's $75 per user.

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The strategy is interesting since Zoho One can garner interest from larger companies too. About 25% of Zoho One customers use more than 25 applications on the platform and more than 50% use more than 16 applications.

Zoho One is also adding new support programs such as Jumpstart for Zoho One, which aims to guide customers through their initial implementation. Premium support is also available.

Since launch, Zoho has added more artificial intelligence, messaging and search tools into Zoho One.

New additions to Zoho One include:

  • Orchestly, a low-code application to manage workflows such as purchase approvals, content publishing, onboarding and asset management. Orchestly is designed to work across departments.
  • PhoneBridge, Zoho's telephony platform that integrates more than 50 vendors, is available in Zoho One so it can connect to apps like CRM and Recruit.
  • Single Sign-One for third party application integration. Zoho One supports about 50 third party applications today. Zoho One also now supports YubiKey authentication.
  • A new admin panel with dashboard, app and activity monitoring and reporting. Provisioning is also available for all of the Zoho One apps as well as custom apps. 
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