PolyientX links mainstream brands and NFT communities through "first-of-its-kind" rewards program

PolyientX's PX Drops provides weekly opportunities for brands to cultivate relationships with NFT communities directly through exclusive reward drops.
Written by Marc Wojno, Senior Editor

In an effort to help NFT holders get more value and utility out of their NFTs, recently formed Web3 marketing tech firm PolyientX announced today that it has launched a "first-of-its-kind experience", enabling weekly rewards from mainstream brands to be claimed by NFT holders from selected projects.

According to PolyientX's announcement, PX Drops provides weekly opportunities for major brands to cultivate relationships with NFT communities, customers, followers and fans directly through exclusive reward drops. Based on the concept of token airdrops, PolyientX has created the means to link mainstream brands with NFT communities through exclusive benefits, perks and rewards. 

"NFTs present a new touchpoint for audiences," says PolyientX Head of Product Nick Casares. In an interview with ZDNet, Casares noted that brands, marketers, influencers and celebrities who've been using Web2 -- the current version of the internet -- to reach out to consumers through social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, are now seeing an increasing number of people holding NFTs and the opportunities that a more decentralized form of the internet -- Web3 -- has in connecting directly with consumers.

"We think there's a unique opportunity to help connect the dots between Web2 and Web3 by bringing rewards to holders of NFTs and those rewards being then sponsored by groups that want to get in touch with those audiences. Those could be brands, marketers…they could be anybody that wants to start a dialogue with the Web3 audience," Casares says.

"What we're building with PX drops is a system where a drop sponsor can put up a reward -- be it physical merchandise, a digital good like a coupon code or a redemption for a cup of coffee, or a follow on NFT or brand new NFT -- and they can open that reward up to anybody who they want to have a conversation with," says Casares. "So, if I want to go to the Bored Ape Yacht Club and say, 'Hey board apes, for the next 24 hours you can claim your free latte using PX Drops,' you can basically create that connection point, so anybody holding their Bored Apes NFT can come in, connect their wallet, prove that they have that NFT and claim their reward," Casares says.

This is a new marketing approach, but in a way that respects the tenants of Web3 in that the holder of the NFT who opts in doesn't have to sell their data to an intermediary to get a benefit. "It's literally just a connection point between somebody's wallet and someone who has a benefit that they want to offer," Casares says. For PolyientX and its PX Drops, this is a new, uncharted venture -- its first market test. "We have about six weeks of drops lined up; this will be an ongoing business development effort for us as we connect the dots between audiences that want to be rewarded and groups that want to reward those audiences," Casares noted.

PX Drops will feature a new, weekly reward drop throughout the month of February. Drop rewards will vary from week to week, including physical merchandise, NFTs and digital rewards, with each drop being targeted toward one or more NFT collections. These unique rewards will be revealed each week when they drop. PolyientX said it will use its Twitter account, @polyientx, as the primary marketing touchpoint, where all its announcements for PX Drops will be made. It's also a place where people can also weigh in on the types of drops or rewards that they'd like to see, Casares says.

NFT owners can register for updates and drop notifications through the PX Drops website. PolyientX will announce weekly what the next drop and rewards will look like and who can claim it. "Our hope is that this starts to bring some more visibility on the sponsorship side so that we start to see some additional interest from brands that might not have thought about NFTs this way, and this will, hopefully, spark some imagination," Casares says.

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