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Hisense's new CanvasTV is cheaper than Samsung's Frame - but with similar specs

CanvasTV starts under $1,000. Hisense hasn't revealed full specs, but from what we know, they're nearly identical to - or better than - Samsung's option.
Written by Artie Beaty, Contributing Writer
Hisense Canvas TV
Kerry Wan/ZDNET

Taking direct aim at Samsung, Hisense has unveiled a new matte finish TV that doubles as artwork. And while the specs are quite similar to Samsung's The Frame, the price of Hisense's version is significantly more affordable.

Hisense says CanvasTV pricing will start at $999 for the 55-inch version and $1,300 for the 65-inch version. For comparison, Samsung's The Frame costs $1,499 for the 55-inch and $1,999 for the 65-inch when not on sale.

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The TV will come preloaded with a collection of art pieces in various styles, including abstract, modern, and Renaissance. With the press of a button, the artwork will change to personal photographs, giving users the chance to curate their own decor.

If you're worried about your power bill increasing from an "always on" TV, a special power saving mode automatically adjusts the set's brightness in art mode and uses a light sensor to minimize energy consumption. An additional motion sensor automatically turns off the screen when the room is empty, saving even more energy.

Hisense hasn't revealed the full specs for CanvasTV, but from what we know, it's nearly identical or even better than Samsung's option.

Hisense Canvas TV
Kerry Wan/ZDNET

CanvasTV will be a 4K QLED, exactly like The Frame. It will be able to deliver more than a billion shades of color, Hisense says, and will have an anti-glare display to give it the depth and texture of a real painting. It has a 144 Hz refresh rate, which is slightly higher than The Frame's 120 Hz. The Hisense set will run on the Google TV operating system compared to Samsung's set, which runs on its own proprietary OS.

On the audio end of things, this set will have a multi-channel 2.0.2 surround sound system, identical to The Frame. 

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If you're interested in personalization, the set will come with a teak (natural color wood) frame, but you can purchase a walnut or white frame that snaps on with magnets. 

Hisense wants you to mount this TV on a wall, so it comes with a cut-out in the rear housing designed specifically to fit with the included "UltraSlim Wall Mount." Attached to that mount, it sits almost completely flat against the wall.

CanvasTV will be available for purchase late this summer.

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