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Outages following cut Telstra cable set to roll into weekend

Thousands of fibre cables to be spliced after third party cut cable and took down thousands of broadband and NBN services.
Written by Chris Duckett, Contributor

Users hit by outages due a cable being cut may have to wait well into the weekend for service restoration, as work by Telstra is set to continue into Saturday.

"We are repairing fibre optic cables cut by a third party, which is impacting several thousand broadband and ADSL services as well as some wholesale services," a Telstra spokesperson said. "Some services have been restored and repair work will continue today and into the weekend.

"We apologise for the inconvenience and are doing everything we can to restore services as quickly as possible."

According to the Aussie Broadband support page on the outage, the outage began on Wednesday morning just before 11am, and has hit some NBN, ADSL, and mobile services.

"Optic fibre testing identified the fibre damage location outside of a construction site located in St Leonards," Aussie Broadband said.

"Investigations have identified damage to 1560 fibres across 4 optic fibre cables. Technicians have hauled the first cable through the conduit and are preparing the joints. In parallel they have also hauled the second cable and are currently hauling the third cable. Replacement cable for the fourth cable is being sourced, and there may be delays due to the unique cable type and length required."

Aussie Broadband said a fifth damaged cable was identified on Thursday night, while the first cable has been repaired. According to the company, NBN services connected to the Chatswood, Blacktown, City South, Eastern Creek, and Penrith points of interconnect have been affected.

"There is a loss of mobile coverage to 27 mobile sites including 26 x 3G and 22 x 4G, ADSL services in Pymble and multiple Wholesale services," Aussie Broadband said in its Friday morning update.

The company added on Twitter that it will be putting in a second link by the end of the year to increase redundancy.

In May, Telstra initially said a Triple Zero outage caused by a damaged cable between Orange and Bowral was consistent with fire damage from a lightning strike.

Speaking to 3AW earlier this week, Telstra CEO Andy Penn said the cause of the fire damage was inconclusive.

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