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Comcast Business launches analytics for SmartOffice video, motion detection

By applying analytics to unstructured video, Comcast Business is enabling its SMB customers to better manage staffing and use of space.
Written by Larry Dignan, Contributor

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Comcast Business has rolled out analytics for the video monitoring within its SmartOffice service.

The feature, Smart Office Motion Insights, takes video footage from cameras and motion detection to help small and medium sized businesses optimize settings.

For instance, businesses can adjust staffing based on foot traffic and times of day. Comcast's SmartOffice Motion Insights aggregates camera data as well as the motion detection information from individual devices.

Comcast's effort is the latest example of how analytics is being combined with physical space monitoring to optmize workspaces and the smart office. Comcast Business is one of the media and cable giant's fastest growing units.

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Here's what the dashboard looks like.


For each camera, a bar chart will track the last eight hours of motion activity. If you click on the bar you will see the recorded footage for that hour. Motion Insights also has a graph showing all the motion across a premises.

The dashboard is available to Comcast Business SmartOffice customers.

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