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Microsoft Productivity Score tool just added a new endpoint analytics page

Microsoft creates a new endpoint analytics page to help all Productivity Score users analyze the performance of devices.
Written by Liam Tung, Contributing Writer

Microsoft's tool for supporting digital transformations is gaining a new way of viewing endpoint analytics to show boot times and application performance.  

Microsoft Productivity Score is a tool that aims to give users and managers insights about the performance of the organization's use of Microsoft 365. 

The product was in the spotlight late last year after a privacy advocate highlighted how it could be used by managers to monitor individual worker performance. It contained a feature that showed workers names and their actions over a 28-day period. 

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Microsoft ended up removing the feature and only showed the productivity score of the organization rather than individuals

Part of its feature set is endpoint analytics, which helps customers identify policies or hardware issues that may be slowing down devices. Microsoft hopes it helps reduce IT support calls. 

"The visibility and insights it provides in areas like device boot times and application reliability can help your users quickly capture an idea or join that first meeting on Monday morning on time and not suffer through an endless login process or lose the work they just did as an application unexpectedly shuts down," Microsoft said.

A new endpoint analytics page in Productivity Score opens up the section to more users within an organization. Microsoft explains that previously it required access to the Microsoft Endpoint Manager admin center to see detailed endpoint analytics. Intune or global admins could see it but everyone else with access to Productivity Score couldn't see it.

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"Based on your feedback, we have created a new Endpoint analytics page that shares these organizational insights with the other roles that already have access to Productivity Score," Microsoft explains. 

The new endpoint analytics page shows the organization's endpoint score relative to a peer benchmark. Insights on endpoints include a startup score, boot score, and a sign-in score. It also provides startup performance metrics, such as total boot times, group policy phase, and time to reach the sign-in prompt, as well as average sign-in times. 

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