Casetify cases for Apple iPhone 11: Protect your iPhone with unique design and customization options

There are a huge variety of cases available for the new Apple iPhone 11 and 11 Pro. Sometimes you want something basic for the office, but there are also times when you want something stylish, unique, and personalized.
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Casetify variations for the Apple iPhone 11 and 11 Pro

The kind folks at Casetify sent along 10 samples in various styles for the Apple iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro. The case styles included bright colors, fun designs, conservative business options, an ultra impact model with 9.8 feet drop protection, and even one that the representative customized with my online moniker, palmsolo.

The cases are printed on a made-to-order basis so it can offer many customizable elements like bumper colors, added monograms, and different case types, etc. There is no extra charge to personalize the accessory. In fact, 1 out of 4 purchases on the site includes a custom element.

Make sure to visit the Custom Studio to design your specific case if you want something personalized and different than the massive selection already offered on the site.

Check out our full review of the Apple iPhone 11 Pro.

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Custom case for me

Visit the Custom Studio and then make your phone selection, case type, and color choice. There are seven case type options for the iPhone 11 Pro and nine color options.

After making these choices, you can then add up to 10 characters in various styles, colors, and layouts.

The Impact iPhone 11 Pro case is made with a two-layer technology, called qitech, that comes with a 6.6 feet drop protection approval. For an extra $10 you can choose the Ultra Impact model with a 9.8 feet drop rating.

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Inside of the custom Impact case

You can see the interior design and color scheme of this custom case. Interesting that my favorite colors are orange and navy blue, which are both present on this case.

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Writing inside the case

Some text appears inside the custom Impact case. It states that the case is designed in Los Angeles and hustle never ends.

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Stylish camera bezel

Casetify includes its name around the camera opening on the iPhone 11 devices. The case back closely matches the rise of the cameras above the back of the phone.

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Raised front bezel

The sides of the cases rise just above the display so that your screen is protected from scratching if you rest it face down on a flat surface.

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Ultra Impact case

The Ultra Impact model beefs up the drop protection thanks primarily to the extra impact material installed in the four corners. I was sent one with an interesting lined pattern on the back too.

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Left side raised buttons on the Ultra Impact

The Ultra Impact case bumper is a bit deeper with defined volume buttons and ringer switch access.

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Bottom of the Ultra Impact case

The speaker, mic, and Lightning port are all accessible on the Ultra Impact case.

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Peekaboo cat Impact case for iPhone 11

It was tough to resist the Peekaboo cat case since it looks almost like our one year old cat too. You can customize the color of the case with the back panel and bumpers changing as you select various color options.

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Impact iPhone case in camo grey

Given that I have the midnight green iPhone 11 Pro with a military look, I figured the camo grey Impact case would match well with it.

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Vibrant neon yellow interior and bumper

This neon yellow color will help prevent you from ever losing your iPhone 11.

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Waves crashing design

This Waves Crashing design is a good option for someone like me who is a professional naval architect.

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Winter Tale clear case

The Winter Tale clear case is a good option for the upcoming fall and winter season. The Impact model is $40 on Casetify.

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Crystal ball on black background

This Crystal Ball on black background case is interesting because many of the elements change in various lighting conditions. The Impact model is $40.

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Raised buttons on an Impact case

The raised buttons on the clear case are prominent and allow you to easily activate the volume controls.

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Solar System 2 case

Like the Crystal Ball case, the Solar System 2 model back in Iridescent changes with various lighting around the case.

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Raised front edge on an Impact case

The clear bumper material on one of the Impact cases rises above the display to help protect your screen.

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Gravity V2 for the Apple iPhone 11

The Gravity V2 works well with a dark color phone as the design has small white stars and an astronaut on the back.

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