CES 2019: Health gadgets and tech take center stage

Healthcare, both physical and mental, has become the focus of some vendors at CES this year.
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Omron's blood pressure monitor

To kick off CES 2019's health offerings we have Omron Healthcare and its first wearable blood pressure monitor. Dubbed HeartGuide, the wearable device works in the same way as a traditional blood pressure cuff at the doctor's office -- just with miniature oscillometric measurement components.

An inflatable blood cuff hidden in the wrist band takes readings, 100 of which can be stored in memory. A corresponding app can be used by doctors and wearers to analyze these readings over time.

Via: Omron Healthcare

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Samsung's Bot Care

Samsung took to the stage at CES 2019 to introduce Bot Care, a conceptual robotic design aimed to be a partner for "everyday tasks." According to executives of the company, Bot Care is able to check blood pressure readings, heart rates, and may also act as a remote monitoring device.

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Nanit's Breathing Wear

Nanit's Breathing Wear is an interesting gadget which appeared at CES this year. For new parents or those whose newborn has a breathing-related condition, a swaddle or band -- rather than wearable sensors -- can be used to monitor a child's breathing motion in tandem with an HD camera installed onto a crib.

Via: Nanit

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Alarm.com's Wellcam

Alarm.com's Wellcam is another health and wellness-related offering on show at CES this year. The camera can be connected to existing Alarm.com networks to allow loved ones to oversee an elderly family member or someone who is in recovery without being overly intrusive.

The camera has a 180-degree field of view and enables both audio calls and live video, as well as a call-out button which can be used when someone needs help without a smartphone being required.

Via: Alarm.com

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Israeli firm VRHealth debuted a new VR platform at CES 2019 which will merge virtual reality applications with telehealth services.

The telehealth-VR medical platform will include apps for consumers to use at home, including use cases such as accessing personal healthcare data, exercise repositories, and apps to exercise the brain. The platform can also be used for remote monitoring by physicians and family members.

Via: VRHealth

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Philips Cares

At CES 2019, Philips debuted Philips Cares Aging & Caregiving, a new platform in the US which creates a "circle" of trusted people for the purpose of caregiving. The platform not only provides users with healthcare-related data but also provides a direct line to medical professionals. In addition, the platform is compatible with the firm's Lifeline personal alert service.

Via: Philips

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Startup Xandar Kardian hopes to carve out a place in the digital healthcare sector with the introduction of a home health emergency (PERS) device. The NZEL100 PERS product responds to three methods should a user need help -- a push button, commanding Amazon Alexa to ask for help, or gesture control.

The device can also be connected to mobile devices such as Android Wear to provide caregivers with real-time updates on heart rate, breathing patterns, and more.

Via: Xandar Kardian

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ElliQ, developed by Intuition Robotics, is a companion robot designed for seniors. The robot -- currently in beta testing with users between 62 and 97 years of age -- uses a cognitive platform to encourage interaction and exercise, in an effort to improve mental health and offer companionship of a sort on a daily basis in later years.

Via: Intuition Robotics

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