Father's Day 2017: Smart cooking, kitchen gadgets and gifts

Read on to find everything from smart BBQ accessories to kitchen essentials your dad will love this Father's Day.
By Charlie Osborne, Contributing Writer
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With cooking reaching new and more exotic heights every year, you can now bring advanced techniques into the home. Over at Cedarlane Culinary, the Imperial Sphericator can be used to transform liquid into pearls -- allowing your dad to show off to family and friends.

Price: $On request

Purchase: Cedarlane

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Levitating drinkware

Using magnetic levitation, Levitating X is offering what could be a party conversation starter this Father's Day. You can purchase a range of different glasses which all hover on magnetic plates, including cocktail glasses, beer glasses, desert cups or even coffee cups.

Price: $199+

Purchase: LevitatingX

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Aerating wine glasses

One for wine connoisseurs, Chevalier has a rather beautiful set of wine glasses on offer for this Father's Day. The handcrafted stemless glasses have an interior glass compartment where you pour the wine, giving the vintage a chance to aerate as it enters the glass.

Price: $56

Purchase: Chevalier

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Bellini Kitchen Master

Another offering for fathers who are cooking enthusiasts from Cedarlane Culinary is the Bellini Kitchen Master. The 8-in-1 appliance includes a 2-liter steel bowl and is able to help your father chop, mix, knead, blend, stir, cook, steam and saute a variety of foods. It's pricey, but he probably won't need much else in the kitchen.

Price: $549

Purchase: US

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Star Trek sushi

Sushi has become a popular food as of late, and if your father happens to be a Star Trek fan, this novelty USS Enterprise sushi set and board could be a fun gift this year.

Price: $19.99 (£42)

Purchase: US | UK

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Keyboard waffle iron

A gift idea for tech enthusiasts, this waffle iron prepares waffles in the form of a 104-key layout keyboard. The dual-sided iron can work with gas and electric stoves, grills, hot plates, and campfires.

Price: $69.99 (£60)

Purchase: US | UK

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While not particularly smart or intelligent, the MasterPan, capable of cooking up a full fry up at one time due to so many separate sections, can make breakfast a breeze. If your dad enjoys a full breakfast in the morning, this large pan could be a gift well enjoyed.

Price: $59.99 (£59.99)

Purchase: US | UK

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Smart peanut butter maker

It might seem somewhat peculiar, but if your father is a fan, why not have him create his own peanut butter? Not only is this quite a fun piece of equipment, but he will know exactly what has gone into it -- unlike store-bought varieties.

Price: £49.99

Purchase: US alternative | UK

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iPad cutting board

An affordable but handy piece of kit for the kitchen, the CTA Digital cutting board has a handy holder for iPads. If your father enjoys being in the kitchen and learning new recipes, he can have his tablet to hand while busy preparing the next meal.

Price: $17.99 (£26)

Purchase: US | UK

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Motorized grill cleaner

As the summer season comes upon us, so do the barbecue invitations. As much fun as it is to have people around on warm and bright days, cleaning the equipment used for cooking afterwards is not -- and so a handy steam-based brush could be a gift this year your dad will be grateful for.

Price: $34 (£12.99 alternative)

Purchase: US | UK

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Reversible kebab grill

For kebab-loving dads, consider this 1200w reversible kebab grill. Small but containing nine stainless steel skewers which rotate automatically, temperature control and a detachable rack for quick cleaning, this cooking tool could be a prized gift this year for home cooks.

Price: £48.99

Purchase: UK

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Stirring popcorn maker and nut toaster

Popcorn doesn't have to be thrown in the microwave these days. A gift for film lovers or as a man cave accessory, this smart stirring popcorn maker might make a great gift this Father's Day. The popcorn maker and nut toaster rotates automatically to prevent burning and allow more kernels to pop, and the lid can then be used as a serving bowl for the family.

Price: £39.99

Purchase: UK

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iGrill 2 thermometer

The iGrill 2 is an intelligent thermometer suitable for cooking pros and enthusiasts -- especially if passion extends to the grill. The thermometer has four-probe capability to track multiple temperatures at once, and users can also use either presets or customised temperature alarms with minimum and maximum accepted temperatures.

Rather than remain chained to the grill, cooks can connect the thermometer to their smartphone and receive alerts when temperature changes are detected.

Price: $109 (£128)

Purchase: US | UK

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Star Wars kitchen timer

A gift for Star Wars fans, this cooking timer impersonates the Death Star and comes equipped with a variety of lights and sounds to alert your dad in up to one hour increments when the stove is on.

Price: $17.99 (£21.85)

Purchase: US | UK

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Hestancue smart pan & induction system

For something truly out of the ordinary and luxurious, Hestancue's smart cooking system combines a 1600-watt smart induction burner and smart pan which, once hooked together with a smartphone app, automatically controls temperature and cooking time, making even complex recipes an easy task for your at-home chef.

Price: $549.95

Purchase: Hestancue

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Smarter coffee

If your father is the kind of person that needs a strong brew to wake up in the morning, the Smarter coffee maker could be a great gift this Father's Day. The smartphone-connected device can be set to automatically brew up a coffee in the morning, take in orders from any other room in the house during the day to start perking, comes with a glass carafe and is encased in stainless steel.

Price: $89.95 alternative (£179.99)

Purchase: US alternative | UK

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