Hands-on with Apple's WWDC 2017 hardware and software: In pictures

Take a look at Apple's latest and greatest hardware and software from WWDC 2017.

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Tim Cook demos AR

Apple on Monday announced several new software upgrades and platforms, as well as new hardware ranging from updated MacBooks to a home speaker called HomePod, to a new 10.5-inch iPad Pro.

In this photo, Apple CEO Tim Cook demonstrates his company's new AR platform on an iPad Pro.

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HomePod in Space Gray

Apple's attempt to compete with Amazon Echo and Google Home comes in the form of the HomePod.

Apple touted it as a music speaker first, smart speaker second, emphasizing the company's commitment to exceptional sound quality.

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It comes in white, of course

The HomePod will launch in December, priced at $349.

Users can control HomeKit connected accessories, stream music, ask questions, send messages, and create reminders using the speaker.

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Apple's AR/VR cards unveiled

Apple also announced the next Mac OS, macOS High Sierra, would add support for virtual reality.

macOS High Sierra will be available this fall.

In the demo room, Apple had MacBook Pros and iMacs setup with HTC Vive.

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Augmented Reality

Apple's ARKit tools for developers will make iOS the largest AR platform overnight, according to the company, once iOS 11 is released this fall.

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iMac Pro

Mac Pro users, this one is for you. Apple gave us a sneak peak of the upcoming iMac Pro.

The all-in-one is the fastest, most powerful Mac ever created.

It will begin shipping in December, priced at $1,499.

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10.5-inch iPad Pro

The new iPad Pro is only slighter larger in size than the 9.7-inch iPad Pro, but has a screen of 10.5-inches.

It boasts all the same iPad Pro features from before, only better.

Preorders start June 5 priced at $649. It begins shipping in middle of June.

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iOS 11 on iPad

iOS 11 for iPad redesigns the majority of the interface. A new app dock looks more like what you'd see on a Mac, and multitasking has a whole new look.

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It finally feels like switching between apps on the iPad Pro, especially when using more than one app at the same time, is something Apple got right with iOS 11.

In this photo you can see Control Center to the right, with recent app thumbnails at your fingertips.

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iMacs saw a spec bump

The entire iMac lineup received specs bump across the line. Intel's 7th generation Kaby Lake processors and USB-C ports included.

The new iMacs are available starting today, June 5, priced at $1,099 and up.

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MacBooks, you get a spec bump too

As with the iMac line, the MacBook lineup is also received modest speed bumps across the board.

The new MacBook updates are available starting June 5, as well.

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