2017: Must-have mobile photography gadgets and accessories

For users who are serious about mobile device-based photography, there are accessories out there which will help make your images shine.
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Life-Phorm flexible tripods

One of the most versatile multi-purpose use tripods currently on the market is the Life-Phorm all-in-one. This tripod has been designed not only for smartphones, but can also be used for cameras, video recorders and tablets.

Price: $38.89 (£30)

Via: Amazon

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Manfrotto LED light with tripod mount

When lighting conditions are poor and you want to control light sources for your mobile photography, a portable source can be a life saver. Manfrotto's LED light, capable of a 60-degree beam angle and luminance of 225 lumens -- together with three dimness settings and an inbuilt tripod -- can eradicate the need for any other light sources.

Price: $39.99 (£31)

Via: Manfrotto

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IonSlim 5K

While there are plenty of external battery packs on the market, for mobile photography enthusiasts, a small but powerful is a plus when choosing the right product.

The Moshi IonSlim 5K, a slim, 5,150 mAh battery that is compatible with different kinds of smartphones and connectors, is one such option. It will quickly recharge the average smartphone, providing the juice to take more pictures while out and about.

Price: $64 (£49.95)

Via: Moshi

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CliqueFie Puck

A stand with a difference, the CliqueFie stand is a dock for your smartphone. Able to swivel 360 degrees, the stand can be used for those looking to take panoramic photos and videos.

Price: $42.99 (£34)

Via: CliqueFie

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PhotoJoJo Magnetic iPhone and Android Lens series

A firm favorite for budget-friendly mobile photography lenses, PhotoJoJo's magnetic lens series -- containing a Fisheye, Super Fisheye, Telephoto, Wide Angle, Macro and polarizing lenses, has everything an enthusiast could need.

As a gift, all of these lenses can also be purchased with a flexible tripod and pouches.

Price: $99 (£77)

Via: PhotoJoJo

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iOgrapher cases

If you're in the market for a high-end mobile photography accessory or two, iOgrapher's cases transform smartphones into stable, mounted cameras which not only look professional, but can also provide the platform for shake-free video. When using these mounts, available for different smartphone sizes, all the main function buttons are still accessible, smartphone lenses can be mounted, and you can also use these stands to mount a GoPro for extended capabilities.

Price: $Various

Via: Iographer

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KobraTech mini tripod

KobraTech's Triflex Mini tripod stand, suitable for mobile photography, is a budget-friendly product which can be twisted and turned to sit securely on various surfaces. Paired with a Bluetooth controller, budding photographers can take advantage of their environment to take stunning pictures.

Price: $19.99 (£15)

Via: Amazon

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Olloclip 4-in-1

The Olloclip 4-in-1 lens set is a stylish, clip-on accessory for the iPhone which includes a FishEye, Wide angle and two macro lenses for both front and rear-facing cameras. While relatively pricey, this accessory is suitable for quick lens changes and can be used to take great photos for social media.

Price: $79.99 (£63)

Via: Olloclip

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Moment macro lens

While on the road, sometimes the opportunity presents itself for amazing macro images. If you are a photographer with a passion for this kind of micro photography, Moment is offering a new macro lens which could be a great investment.

Price: $80.99 (£64)

Via: Moment

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Joby GripTight ONE

Joby's GripTight is a magnetic, flexible tripod, complete with shutter remote, which is stable enough for more precarious surfaces. Weighing only 0.21lbs, the stainless steel tripod can also be maneuvered to become a handle for front-facing camera photos.

Price: $59.95 (£47)

Via: Joby

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Photojojo Shutter Remote

Pairing to Android and iOS devices via Bluetooth, PhotoJoJo's shutter remote is a small and handy accessory for controlling your smartphone or tablet's camera. Whether for improved selfies or to remove shaking when taking scenic snaps, the remote can make taking the right mobile picture easier.

Price: $49 (£38)

Via: PhotoJoJo

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Moment photo cases

When using your smartphone to take photos, there is the risk of your hand slipping and potentially dropping your device, causing damage. Moment has come up with a range of cases which improves your grip and also has a shutter button. Users can also use mobile lenses with the case and the product includes a battery for extended life.

Price: $Various

Via: Moment

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