Supercharge Windows 10: Replacement apps that blow away standard Windows programs

Windows 10 comes with a whole bunch of helpful apps. Unfortunately, some of them aren't as powerful as you might like. Fear not, for we have 15 power tools that will help you supercharge your Windows install.

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Give Windows 10 more power

If you're a Windows 10 user, you're always looking to do more in less time. In this gallery, we spotlight 15 apps you can use as alternatives to those that came with your Windows install.

2 of 16 IDM Computer Solutions, Inc

Replace Notepad with UltraEdit

If you want a cheap, good alternative to Notepad, you won't go wrong with Notepad++. But if you want insane editing power and flexibility, nothing beats the $99 UltraEdit. I've been using it for years.

3 of 16 ManyCam

Replace Camera with ManyCam

Although Camera will allow you to use your webcam, ManyCam goes far beyond. The free version is feature rich, but the Studio version adds a lot more capabilities, including green screen support.

4 of 16 Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols

Replace Windows command line with Bash Shell

If you have years of Linux (or even UNIX) experience, one thing you may really miss is a "real" shell. No more. You can now use the Bash shell on Windows (and it's supported by Microsoft).

5 of 16 TeamViewer

Replace Quick Assist with TeamViewer

While Quick Assist can be helpful, TeamViewer is what the pros use. There's a free version for helping your mom, but if you want to scale up and equip an entire help desk operation, TeamViewer is there for you, too.

6 of 16 Antara Software

Replace Alarms & Clock with Alarm Clock HD

If you want to wake up with bold and beautiful options, consider replacing the standard Alarms & Clock with Alarm Clock HD on the Windows Store. There are in-app purchases.

7 of 16 Google/Mozilla Foundation

Replace Edge with Chrome or Firefox

Let's face it: Edge has a long way to go to be primetime. If you want a browser that's up for any challenge you want Chrome (or possibly Firefox). Edge is still an edge case, but everything runs with Chrome.

8 of 16 Microsoft

Replace Calculator with Microsoft Mathematics

If you need to do some math, the Metro-based Calculator app is disappointing indeed. But Microsoft still makes Microsoft Mathematics available and it is definitely worth the download.

9 of 16 Chengdu YouQiang Software Co.,Ltd

Replace Calendar with WinPIM Calendar

If you want your calendar to sync with Google Calendar, iCloud, Yahoo, and even ownCloud Calendar, then WinPIM Calendar is your choice. Personally, I live in Google Calendar, itself a valid choice.

10 of 16 dotPDN LLC

Replace Paint with Paint.Net

Paint.NET has been around for more than a decade, but it's been upgraded constantly. There's no question about it: replace the installed Paint app with Paint.NET.

11 of 16 Techsmith

Replace Snipping Tool with Snagit

The Snipping Tool is actually quite helpful, but why use a scissor when you can use a nuclear-powered, definition-of-overkill image capturing monster? That's Snagit.

12 of 16 GPSoftware

Replace File Explorer with Directory Opus

If Snagit is screen capture overkill, Directory Opus is a file management powerhouse. At $89, you'd expect it to exceed expectations, and it does.

13 of 16 Feedly

Replace Reading List with Feedly

Microsoft has deprecated the Reading List app because some of its functionality is now in Edge. But if you want a powerful RSS reader you can access from anywhere, the go-to solution is Feedly.

14 of 16 David Gewirtz

Replace Photos with FastStone Image Viewer

If you want a powerful gallery management tool for a large library of images, FastStone Image Viewer is your friend. It's far more capable that Photos, and it's free.

15 of 16 Foxit Software

Replace Reader with Foxit Reader

PDFs can sometimes contain embedded scripts. Foxit Reader won't run those scripts, which is a good thing if they contain malware. Adobe Reader is clearly the king, but Foxit Reader is a good alternative.

16 of 16 Spotify

Replace Groove Music with Spotify

Groove Music is better than earlier Windows music apps, but that's not saying much. On the other hand, Spotify rocks. There's a free and premium service. If you love music, you'll love Spotify.

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