Top 2015 April Fools' Day tech pranks around the web

UPDATED. Many tech firms buy into the old tradition on April 1 -- and between MS-DOS and Pac-Man, you are unlikely to be disappointed.
By Charlie Osborne, Contributing Writer
1 of 20 T-Mobile

T-Mobile's Pets Un-leashed

T-Mobile's Un-carrier plans have proved popular with consumers who dislike long, binding contracts, but why should our pets be left out? Family plans are little more than scams unless you include every member -- such as your cat, dog or iguana -- and so T-Mobile plans to remedy this problem through Pets Un-leashed. Add them and your pets can enjoy the Un-carrier 4G network as well as new apps released by the company, including Fetch Freedom, FitPet and Snapcat.

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Google Panda

In Japan, Google revealed a product "which is so brilliant, you can ask it anything -- but so cute, you're going to want to hug it." Google Panda -- the end of search as we know it. The mobile cuddly toy is not only suitable for kids, but is engineered with up-to-date voice-enabled search functions and is shockproof.

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IFixit is a well-known company which publishes repair and breakability guides for today's modern mobile devices. While these guides are available for free online, it's only common sense to open up communication channels in every way possible -- such as offering an on-demand repair guide delivery service through the humble fax machine. With only a click of a button, iFaxit can be used to send repair guides anywhere.. as long as the destination still uses this technology, rather than just the Internet. iFixit says:

"Break your iPhone? With the Magic of the Internet, you can have the most up-to-date repair documentation sent directly from our servers to your fax machine. Just fax, fix, and fuhgeddaboudit. Car broke down on the side of the road? No problem. If we can fax it, you can fix it!"

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Google's Pac-Man

One of many Google pranks this April Fool's Day, the tech giant has once again tweaked Google Maps. This year we are not seeing Pokemon, however, instead you can hunt down Pac-Man and play the popular arcade game in different destinations. Playable on both desktop and mobile, Google offers clues to find Pac-Man pins in Maps, or you can click the Pac-Man icon in the bottom left to play. You control Pac-Man as he eats his way through city streets through arrow keys or swipes on your mobile device.

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If being inflicted with selfie sticks isn't annoying enough, one company has decided to take things a step further and create the selfie shoes. Developed by Miz Mooz for April Fool's Day, the shoes -- available to pre-order -- include a docking station for your smartphone. Simply lift your leg, pose and take the shot.

6 of 20 Charlie Osborne/ZDNET

Google in reverse

An impressive feat in itself, one of Google's 2015 pranks is the full reversal of the popular search engine. Head over to https://com.google/ -- naturally -- and make a search query to see everything from texts to images in reverse.

7 of 20 Samsung

Samsung's Galaxy BLADE Edge

Mobile devices are increasing in functionality as time wears on, and we now can use smartphones and tablets to connect up and monitor our homes, security systems and even health through wearables. However, Samsung wants to take things one step further through the introduction of the Galaxy BLADE Edge. A companion gadget to the South Korean firm's Galaxy smartphone and tablet range, the BLADE Edge helps you slice and dice in the kitchen, increasing your chopping speed by up to 50 percent. Slot in your smartphone and sensors will analyze your grip, dexterity and strength to make cooking more efficient. The smart knife, made of ceramic and diamond components, also uses KNOX security and biometrics to record your imprint -- and a finger-detection mechanism will force the blade to retract if you come close to cutting yourself.

8 of 20 Charlie Osborne/ZDNET

Google's Smartbox by Inbox

Google's Smartbox by Inbox, currently being tested in the field, is a way to make your traditional mailbox smarter. Google has developed a mailbox which not only connects up to the Android operating system, but notifies you when mail arrives and includes a handy 'spam filter' which detects junk mail deliveries -- and shocks the hand trying to place junk in your mailbox. The device also comes with a handy temperature regulator to keep everything warm and toasty in winter.

9 of 20 Microsoft

MS-DOS Mobile

Launched by Windows Mobile, MS-DOS Mobile is an app which takes us back to a time where computing was simple -- thanks to Microsoft's "simplest OS yet." Download it and send your smartphone back to the stone age -- without losing productivity.

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Google's ChromeSelfie

Google's ChromeSelfie is a new button in Chrome mobile which, despite being a joke, is actually quite a cool concept. When clicked as you view a website, you can take a selfie in reaction to a page. The ChromeSelfie feature splits your screen into webpage and camera to make sure you take the perfect shot.

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Google's dial-up mode for Fiber

While everyone may want the highest broadband speeds possible, Google understands that sometimes we simply need time to finish off chores and daily tasks. Mindful of this need, the tech giant has introduced dial-up mode for Google Fiber. By working with 56k researchers and engineers, the company has been able to "reduce Fiber speeds up to 376 times by withholding photons from the fiber strands." Activate this feature and you'll have plenty of time to walk the dog, load the dishwasher or meditate while your page loads.

12 of 20 Dominos


On April 1, pizza firm Dominos announced the launch of the driverless delivery vehicle. Jumping on the back of Google's self-driving cars, the company says that the "Domi-No-Driver" will use onboard sensors to detect and navigate around obstacles to find the most efficient route to hungry customers. The benefit to consumers? As a driver is no longer needed, the vehicle can carry up to four times as many pizzas.

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Airbags for smartphone users

Most of us have experienced the irritation of someone walking along with eyes glued to their smartphone, only for them to collide into you on the sidewalk. Well, automaker Volvo has a solution -- an airbag strapped to smartphone user chests which inflates on impact.

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Amazon goes retro

Customers visiting e-commerce website Amazon today might end up doing a double-take -- as the firm has gone retro in honor of April Fool's Day.

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Uber's Car Shop

Not to be left behind this April Fool's Day, Uber has introduced the Car Shop. After using Uber's app to secure your ride, you can flick through the in-car catalogue which contains "items you cannot get anywhere else." For this we should be thankful, as items include in-car workout systems, fancy seatbelt covers and a smartphone charger which works by connecting to your braces.

16 of 20 HTC

HTC's smart socks

Taiwanese smartphone maker HTC has contributed to this year's April Fool's Day through RE Sok, smart socks which notify you of incoming messages and include GPS trackers so you'll never mislay one -- or both. When they begin to wear out, the socks' sensors notice and warn you they are coming close to the time of replacement.

17 of 20 Genie Gadgets

The Brain Eraser

Had a bad day at work or messed up a first date? Fear not. Genie Gadget's Brain Eraser, available for £49.95, will wipe those memories away.

A product developed by the Unstantanople University, you simply attack the biological optic pads to your temples and a software scanner will read and catalogue your memories. Select those you wish to delete, store them away or "reinstall" your recollections on a later date.. if you wish.

18 of 20 ThinkGeek

Steam, powered by.. steam

Available for only $399,99, ThinkGeek's Steam-Powered Gaming Cabinet joins the modern Steam gaming platform which traditional power. Using a "patent-pending miniature boiler mechanism," the gaming console produces enough electricity to play your favorite Steam games. All you need to do is keep an eye on the boiler pressure and occasionally stoke the fire.

19 of 20 Charlie Osborne/ZDNET

Reddit, Android and iOS

Simple but comical, admins of the popular Reddit forum decided to play a prank on their users by switching the r/android and r/apple designs.

20 of 20 Nokia

Nokia's Cat tracking

Cats are notoriously independent pets to keep, but if yours vanishes for days at a time, Nokia has a solution. HERE Kitty, based on the firm's mapping technology, is a GPS collar attachment which links to your smartphone. Tap into the app and you can check out the "moggie-map" option to track your cat's whereabouts.

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