ZDNet App Wrap: 25 July 2011

There are always cool new apps coming out, so it's hard to keep up. ZDNet Australia brings you a taste of some of the apps that have surfaced or been updated recently.
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(Credit: ANZ)

ANZ goMoney

Price: Free
Platform: iOS (iPhone and iPad)

ANZ has updated its goMoney app: iPhone-enabled customers can now pay their bills using BPAY, as well as access their online investment accounts while still accessing the pay-anyone functionality provided in previous versions. The app also integrates with the iPhone's VoiceOver accessibility feature, meaning visually impaired customers can now use the app.

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(Credit: Google)


Price: Free
Platform: iOS (iPhone, not iPad), Android

Google has now released its Google+ app for iOS, with iPhone users now able to enjoy what their Android brethren could weeks ago. It's very similar to Facebook, but a good start for the social networking platform.

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(Credit: XE.com)

XE Currency

Price: Free
Platform: iOS (iPhone and iPad), Android, Windows Phone 7, BlackBerry

Now available on Windows Phone 7, this app lets users convert global currencies on the go with live currency rates and charts. Users can calculate prices in their own currency with the app, and monitor up to ten currencies. They can even use the app offline.

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(Credit: Black Cabs Combined)

13 Cabs

Price: Free
Platform: iOS (iPhone and iPad), Android, Windows Phone 7

Now on Windows Phone 7, 13Cabs lets users book their cabs in Melbourne without calling in and waiting in a call centre queue. Users can check where their booked cab is in real time, and can also calculate an estimate of how much their cab ride will cost. The Find A Rank function helps users in peak times when cabs are scarce.

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(Credit: PrinterOn)


Price: Free
Platform: iOS (iPhone and iPad), Android

The PrinterOn app lets users print from their phone to business, home or public printers in the PrinterOn network. These printers are in hotels, airports, libraries, universities. Yet there are only six in Sydney and four in Brisbane, so the network could be larger. Users of PrinterOn can pay for their print jobs using an existing PayPal account, or by simply entering their credit card information during the printing process.

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(Credit: LogicTree IT Solution)

Park My Car

Price: Free
Platform: iOS (iPhone and iPad)

After users park their car, they can use this app to mark where it is by pressing Park. When they want to come back to their car, they just have to press Find. The car's location will be shown on a map.

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(Credit: Groupon)

Groupon Merchants

Price: Free
Platform: iOS (iPhone and iPad)

The Groupon Merchants app helps businesses to run a Groupon, allowing them to scan Groupon barcodes with the iPhone camera for voucher redemption. The app will keep the Groupon website updated so that users can do redemption tracking online. Users can view the redemption history on their phone, too.

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(Credit: Oz)

Set and Forget Easy

Price: Free
Platform: iOS (iPhone and iPad)

The free version of Set and Forget allows you to schedule up to three SMSes and emails to be sent. Once you go over the limit, you need to purchase the paid version. Helpful for forgetful or busy people.

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