Jomise K7 dash cam review: Compact in-car monitoring with some cool app features

Jomise K7 dash cam review compact monitoring with some cool features zdnet
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    7.6 Very good
  • $169.97


  • Easy to use touch screen
  • Well written app


  • App loses connection occasionally

The Jomise K7 dash cam looks like a white label, generic dash cam made in China with the potential of being branded by anyone.

The outer box, the camera itself and the user guide make no mention of the Jomise brand. The only clue to any branding is in the user guide, which instructs you to install the hidashcam -- not the Jomise -- app.

There is no memory card supplied with the Jomise K7 camera. You need to buy and insert a decent sized memory card of over 16Gb capacity. If you do not, the camera will remind you that the memory card capacity is insufficient.

The voice prompt will then remind you to format the memory card so it will work with the camera.

The K7 is a compact dash cam with simple controls and a 2-inch touch screen. It is unobtrusive and simple to use.

Swipe left to right or up and down to get to the on-screen settings. You can get to the QR code, view the loop videos, incident videos or photos, or position the camera to monitor the horizon ahead.

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Other settings will change the language (from Chinese tor English only), reset settings, or reboot the camera. You can also change the resolution settings, format the SD card, or adjust the volume levels. The screen resolution ranges from 1600p at 30fps down to 1080p at 60fps

Reboot and reset options are also available. You can even set a screensaver of an image that will display when the camera is off. The default display is the clock.

There is also a quick settings screen that can turn the Wi-Fi connection on or off, or switch GPS or sound on or off.

The camera is a 1600p Sony IMX415 front facing camera with a Sony STARVIS IMX415 sensor for night vision. It also has a built in GPS and a G-sensor which will record a bump if the engine is switched off. You do need to purchase an optional hard-wiring kit to connect the camera to the battery.

Video is clear and bright, the night vision is good, and objects are clearly defined on the video playback. Sound capture is also good from its onboard microphone

Like the Thinkware range of dash cams, the Jomise K7 will warn you by voice when the car in front moves away from you in traffic so that you are not delayed. The camera also has a traffic light reminder voice prompt to indicate when the traffic light changes to green.

The GPS tracker keeps track of the location and speed so you can record the location alongside any saved videos.

Jomise K7 dash cam review compact monitoring with some cool features zdnet

Eileen Brown

Connecting to the app is relatively easy and there is a nice range of features on the app. It is well written and works well.

There are some features that I could not initially configure through the app.

The network parameters feature, or the intelligent broadcast which allows you to enable the traffic ahead and green light features did not seem to work.

These settings are only available on the app, and although my phone does support 4G and GPS, I could not get these parameters configured effectively.

I had to disconnect from the camera and reconnect over Wi-Fi a couple of times before I could get to all settings.

You can set an electronic fence to warn you when the unit goes out of a predefined area.

However your mobile device does need to support both GPS and 4G to enable this.

All in all, the Jomise K7 is a decent dash cam with some clever additional features. If you want an affordable camera with a touch screen and decent app then for under $170 the Jomise K7 dash cam is certainly worth a look.

There is an extra 30% off if you use coupon code 8HN286QR too.

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