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Trillian Pro
Consolidate all of your chat buddies into Trillian Pro 2.012. Perfect for students and office workers alike.

The trouble with instant-messaging (IM) apps is that they simply don't play well with one another. If phone companies worked the way today's chat apps do, you'd have to set up accounts with Telstra, Optus, Vodafone, and Orange to talk to your friends and family. That's why Cerulean Studios' Trillian Pro 2.012 is a godsend: for a small fee, this program collects all the major IM apps under one easy-to-use interface. While Cerulean Studios offers a stripped-down, freebie version (you can download Trillian 0.74 from ZDNet's Download channel), the paid version, Trillian Pro 2.012, gives you greater customisation options and nifty business-related plug-ins that are well worth the low US$25(~AU$36) cost.

Using PayPal, we bought Trillian Pro 2.012 at Cerulean's site, and within 30 seconds, Cerulean Studios sent us a download address and login information. Once set up, the Trillian Pro 2.012 client lists all of your online buddies alphabetically in a single console, with a coloured dot next to their names indicating which service they belong to: orange for AIM, green for ICQ, gray for IRC, blue for MSN, and red for Yahoo.

If you get a new chat buddy who uses a service you don't currently subscribe to, it's a breeze to set up a new account: Click the Connection Manager at the bottom of the Trillian Pro 2.012 console, then the New button to subscribe to a new service. The estimated time for setting up a new service account is less than five minutes. No Web search or download is necessary, and there's no new program to learn. Nor will you need to remember which service a particular buddy belongs to -- another big plus.

In the past, Trillian has experienced outages when Yahoo or AIM have blocked its service. However, these outages were short-lived, and a simple upgrade to the latest version of Trillian Pro 2.012 often resolved the matter. Cerulean Studios appears to have a better working relationship with AIM and Yahoo IM today. Trillian Pro 2.012's Connection Manager manages chat preferences, filters, and special features for each service you subscribe to, such as AIM's DirectIM and Yahoo IM's Webcam features, both of which work within Trillian Pro.

When you double-click a buddy to start a new chat in Trillian Pro, you'll get a window containing the dimmed contents of your last chat -- handy when you have multiple conversations going at once. Trillian's main console also alerts you whenever e-mail arrives at the various Web mail services associated with your chat services, such as Yahoo Mail and Hotmail. To retrieve the message, simply click your e-mail address, and you're whisked off to the appropriate page, logged in, and delivered to your in-box. This is a great convenience.

The Pro version of Trillian supports different skins, for those who want to personalise the look and feel. Business users can choose from a wide range of plug-ins that integrate current news, weather, stock quotes, computer performance stats, and world time into the main Trillian Pro 2.012 console. While these additions aren't as useful as Trillian Pro 2.012's main features, they're still nice.

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Fortunately, there's no shortage of help for Trillian Pro 2.012. Paid members get updates, priority trouble-ticket-based e-mail help, and access to enough online FAQs and documentation to severely eat into chatting time.

Trillian Pro
Company: Cerulean Studios
Price: US$25 (~AU$36)
Distributor: Cerulean Studios via download


Packaged Quantity 1
Category internet & communication applications
Subcategory internet & communication - instant messaging application
Package Type retail
Subcategory internet & communication - instant messaging application
Category internet & communication applications
License Type box pack
License Category shrinkwrap
System Requirements
OS Family Windows
Brand Cerulean Studios
Product Line Cerulean Trillian
Model Pro
Packaged Quantity 1
Compatibility PC

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