Tactical shopping with Black Friday apps for iOS

Tactical shopping with Black Friday apps for iOS

Summary: Here are the top iPhone apps for helping you make the most out of Black Friday.

TOPICS: Mobile OS, Apple

I don't like malls and I like them even less on the day after Thanksgiving -- a.k.a. Black Friday.

The problem is that there are some Black Friday deals that are only available in the meat space, forcing millions of brave bargain hunters to camp out at dawn in front of big-box retailers. Adapting with the times many Black Friday deals are now available online, and before and after Friday, making bargain hunting even more complex.

If you fancy a tech gadget at a low price, there are Black Friday deals to be had. You just have to be smart and plan your shopping quest in advance or risk waiting in long lines or worse, not getting a deal that you did wait for.

Enter the iPhone. If you choose to take part in the madness here are some iOS apps can help you make the most out of Black Friday.

TGI Black Friday 2011 (iTunes, free) is one of my favorite BF iOS apps because it has lots of features (newest ads, popular deals, deals by store, deals by category and search) and its fast. You can search thousands of deals, create a personal shopping list and get push notifications.

TGI Black Friday 2011 iOS app

BFAds.net Black Friday (iTunes, free) has early access to the season's sale advertisements, offline mode and a large companion website -- in addition to the requisite shopping features that you'd expect.

BFAds.net Black Friday iOS app

Others on my short list:

  • RedLaser - Scan any barcode and instantly comparison shop between online and offline stores.
  • Amazon Deals - Lighting Deals appear hourly (but sell out fast).
  • FastMall - If you have to go to the mall you might as well be a jedi.
  • SaleLocator - Specials near you via GPS.
  • Apple Store - This amazing app lets you shop Apple's online and offline stores. Now with self-checkout! (see screenshot below)
  • Lemon - Scan receipts with your iPhone camera to track purchases.
  • Slice - Greps your email account and tracks purchases and shipping.
  • Black Friday by Fat Wallet - Get push notifications when new ads are leaked.
  • Black Friday Survival Guide - News and leaks in real-time.
  • eBay - Some of the best deals are on eBay.
  • and don't forget to check out the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade app!

Apple Store app - Easy Pay - Jason O'Grady

There are a ton of BF apps on the App Store but these stand out from the crowd. Do you have a favorite?

Photo: GoMo News

Topics: Mobile OS, Apple

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  • RE: Tactical shopping with Black Friday apps for iOS

    Can't believe you'd feed the monster this way.
    Do normal people really racing and hunting on black friday...truly?
  • I deplore crowds so

    I have celebrated the day after Thanksgiving as annual Buy Nothing Day. Check out http://www.buynothingchristmas.org/alternatives/index.html for details on how to make Christmas a more crafty, and less buy, buy, buy holiday. Let's bring the spirit back to the season that was once was there. Enough with this predatory shopping!
    Roc Riz
  • RE: Tactical shopping with Black Friday apps for iOS

    Thanks for the tips on the cool shopping apps. I don't get much on Black Friday anymore, but these will help with what little I will do...and help the rest of the year with receipt tracking, mall maps, etc.

  • RE: Tactical shopping with Black Friday apps for iOS

    Anybody getting tired of these sales ads desguised as journalism?
  • RedLaser Is All You Need

    Pays for the data charges on my iPhone every almost every month. Today, for instance a chair mat for my office was listed at $43.99 in the store. Not so, said RedLaser, $39.99. Correction made at checkout, no pushback at all. Doesn't take much of that to cover the $30.
  • RE: Tactical shopping with Black Friday apps for iOS

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  • RE: Tactical shopping with Black Friday apps for iOS