20 million Galaxy S IIIs sold, next step is the Jelly Bean update

The Galaxy S III is an extremely successful phone and I enjoy mine on T-Mobile. I look forward to seeing Android Jelly Bean coming soon to the device and leaks indicate it won't be much longer.
Written by Matthew Miller, Contributing Writer

Zack already reported this morning on the news that the Samsung Galaxy S III hit 20 million in sales in just 100 days. This is a major figure for Android smartphones, although it pales in comparison to the analyst prediction that the iPhone 5 will sell 10 million in the first week. The next step to continue to satisfy all of these Galaxy S III owners, including me, is to release the Jelly Bean update. With news on leaks, such as those on Ubergizmo for the T-Mobile update it looks like we will see this Jelly Bean update much sooner than we have seen updates from Samsung in the past.

I enjoy using my Galaxy S III and keep putting my SIM back into it because it is a FAST phone, maintains a great connection to T-Mobile HSPA+, has WiFi Calling support, and takes good photos. I know I could hack my GSIII and get Jelly Bean on it now, but I am waiting to first see how the official update works. As an owner of the Galaxy Nexus with Jelly Bean I mostly look forward to Google Now and the outstanding voice support. I NEVER use S Voice because it usually ends up frustrating the heck out of me. With the Galaxy S III on all major US carriers, the update likely won't be rolling out at the same time because it has to pass wireless carrier testing first.

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