8th-generation Intel Core processors unveiling next week

The processor market is heating up as AMD and Intel fire shots across one another's bows.
Written by Adrian Kingsley-Hughes, Senior Contributing Editor
8th-generation Intel Core processors unveiling next week

8th-generation Intel Core processors unveiling next week


Intel's Kaby Lake chips are still pretty fresh, but AMD's big Ryzen push means that the chip giant is getting ready to talk about its 8th-generation silicon.

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8th-generation Intel Core chips, codenamed Coffee Lake, will still be built using a 14-nanometer architecture, but beyond that little is officially known. Unofficially, it seems that what Intel is planning to do is cram more cores into existing chips.

It's widely expected that the desktop versions of the i7 and i5 processors will be bumped to 6-core, and the Core i3 bumped to quad-core, along with some Pentium and mobile chips.

Boosting the number of cores allows Intel to squeeze more power and performance out of its existing silicon architecture before we shift to the 10-nanometer Cannonlake chips.

Intel will livestream the announcement, along with demonstrations, via its Facebook page on August 21, and Intel states that devices powered by these chips will be available to purchase during "the holiday season and even before."

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