Accenture buys Headspring's consulting business to expand Cloud First services

Accenture's Cloud First capabilities get a boost from the acquisition of Headspring's North American consulting operations and assets.
Written by Michael Gariffo, Staff Writer on

Accenture acquired the consulting practice of Headspring, a cloud-native engineering firm based in Austin, Texas. 

The purchased assets will be integrated with Accenture's Cloud First offerings, a catalogue of cloud-based solutions that includes cloud migration, infrastructure, and application services, as well as built-in partnerships with a variety of third-party vendors. The product group launched in 2020 with $3 billion in funding and a collection of 70,000 cloud professionals to fulfill its goal of speeding enterprise cloud migrations over the subsequent three years. 

Accenture has been on something of an acquisition world tour in 2021, adding a Brazilian customer experience firm, a German engineering firm, a French cybersecurity business, a Japanese e-commerce company, and a US-based change management consulting firm, with most of these acquisitions having at least some additive impact on its Cloud First assets. 

 The company expects the assets of its latest purchase to be most beneficial in four specific service areas: 

  • Platform engineering, including end-to-end platform architecture.
  • Platform modernization, with support for re-platforming, cloud migration, code transformation, visual redesign, and integration modernization. 
  • Platform architecture, including re-architecting existing platform foundations to expand into new platform infrastructures. 
  • Product management, with offerings covering assessment and analysis tasks customized for factors such as scaled severity, frequency of occurrence, time inefficiency, risk of inaccuracy, and technological bottlenecks. 

The acquisition will also add product roadmap creation capabilities to Cloud First's ability to help customers manage requirements and prioritize outcomes, Accenture said.  

Headspring was founded in 2001, and currently maintains approximately 90 employees in the US and Mexico. No financial terms for the transaction were disclosed. 

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