Acer readying Predator Android gaming tablet

The company looks to extend its gaming brand with a competitor to the Nvidia Shield that may launch in Q3 2015.
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Source: Pocket-lint

Acer unveiled a long list of new PC products last week (such as a 15-inch Chromebook for just $199), including additions to its Predator line of gaming computers. The Predator family launched with striking -- and orange -- desktops a few years ago and has since stayed that course. Now the computer giant is extending the lineup to new form factors, including its first laptop and another mobile device.

During the presentation to introduce its 2015 Predator products, the company revealed a forthcoming gaming tablet, which was then shown off in prototype form to the press (as pictured above). As the non-working version shown suggests, specs are very much a mystery at this point, though Acer has provided a few nuggets. The Predator tablet will run Android and sport an 8-inch screen. It will also apparently feature four front-facing speakers clad in red that seem to signify the "gaming" aesthetic.

The Predator slate won't face a large number of competitors as a gaming tablet, but it will encounter one major rival: the Nvidia Shield. Like the forthcoming Predator tablet, the Shield is an 8-inch Android gaming device, but Nvidia offers a wireless controller as an option, whereas Acer hasn't mentioned a discrete controller for its tablet. Instead, it hinted that the Predator tablet will feature built-in haptic feedback technology that allows gamers to "feel" the action of the game while they are controlling it.

Other than those tidbits, we know little else about Acer's gaming tablet, other than a vague release date of the third quarter of 2015. Whether the calcifying tablet market can handle another gaming device remains to be seen -- Razer's Edge Windows-based tablet family, for instance, is essentially on the scrap heap. Do you think the Predator gaming tablet could be a success? Let us know in the discussion section below.

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