Adobe steps up AI-powered personalization efforts with Adobe Target

Adobe is using its AI and machine learning platform to bolster its customers' ability to personalize offers and interfaces.
Written by Larry Dignan, Contributor

Adobe is adding artificial intelligence-powered personalization tools to its premium version of Adobe Target.

Kevin Lindsay, head of product marketing for Adobe Target, said the platform will be able to provide real-time in-store offers, boost engagement and scale across screens. Adobe Target is the company's personalization engine within its experience cloud.

"With Adobe Target Premium we will blur the lines between testing and personalization," said Lindsay. "We're combining manual testing into personalization across screens and devices."

The Adobe Target capabilities are powered by Sensei, the company's artificial intelligence engine. With machine learning and AI, Adobe is hoping to provide one-to-one customer experiences with a click and automation.

Adobe Target integrates with the company's cloud portfolio such as Adobe Campaign, Experience Manager, Analytics, Primetime and Audience Manger.

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The primary feature is Auto-Target, which uses machine learning to introduce a bevy of experience variations and then tailor them to the customer. In other words, algorithms will conduct testing on multiple pages and fronts. As a customer takes action, Auto-Target will adjust and optimize the experience with offers, promotions and other items.

Auto-Target is available to Adobe Target Premium subscribers. The personalization tools are also adding recommendations and algorithms based on natural language processing techniques. Adobe Sensei will take queries and figure out how to respond to voice commands. The natural language processing technology will be available in the Fall as a beta.

In addition, Adobe Target will support one-to-one offers based on browsing paths, account status, search terms and other consumer actions. The Adobe Target personalization tools are integrated with Adobe Analytics Cloud.

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